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‘Israeli’ AG Tells Netanyahu To Fire Deri ’Immediately’

‘Israeli’ AG Tells Netanyahu To Fire Deri ’Immediately’
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By Staff, Agencies

The Zionist entity’s attorney general informed the prime minister that Aryeh Deri must be fired immediately, following a court ruling on his eligibility to be a minister.

Gali Baharav-Miara sent the letter to Benjamin Netanyahu Thursday, following the court's bombshell decision on Wednesday.

Shas leader, Deri, is a key member of the new ruling coalition and holds the portfolios for the ministries of interior and health. He was ruled unsuitable to hold office due to recent criminal offences relating to tax.

"According to the ruling handed down today... Knesset member Deri can no longer serve as a minister in the government of ‘Israel,’" Baharav-Miara wrote. "Consequently... you are required to act according to the ruling and remove him from his post in the government," she continued.

The court's ruling is the biggest challenge to the fledgling far-right government, and comes just weeks after Netanyahu's surge back into power. Shas politicians - along with their allies in the government - have blasted the court's ruling, accusing the judges of overturning the votes of 400,000 Zionist settlers.