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The Russia-Ukraine War: Will Kiev Miss Another Chance for Negotiation?

The Russia-Ukraine War: Will Kiev Miss Another Chance for Negotiation?
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By Mohammad Youssef

New and crucial military developments are unfolding on the Ukrainian-Russian front. After months of a stalemate, where fierce battles with no major events have been reported on the battlefield, the Russian military leadership has taken the initiative and started an offensive against the Ukrainian forces in Donetsk region namely in Soledar city.

The Ukrainian forces have been dealt a devastating blow that killed hundreds of soldiers and wounded thousands of them.

This has added up to rising the morale of the Russian military.

Now, it is anticipated that the Russian forces will launch an early offensive before next spring. If the attack succeeds, which is most likely, the whole situation will make a decisive turn in Russia’s favor.

The new victories by the Russian Army have sent a resounding message and an alarming signal to the Western camp, whereby most of the European countries mounted their military buildup and sent more arm shipments to Ukraine. Germany, Britain and the US were among the first countries to start supplying Ukraine with weapons and support.

Military supplies poured to Kiev. High tech arms and sophisticated weapons were sent too.

European military trainers are racing to train the Ukrainian military personnel to efficiently use the recently received equipment. Now, as the Ukrainian forces have been suffering great loss in lives, the morale is dwindling in a dramatic way, causing serious problems for the Ukrainian military command to recruit more soldiers to fill the gap. Had the news about Russia planning to use more sophisticated tactical arms in the battle been confirmed, this will push Kiev further to a new dilemma.

Europe as a whole is suffering, and the consequences and repercussions of the war is yet to unfold on many levels, especially after Moscow’s decision to consider what is happening a real war and not a mere military operation. The whole world is also suffering now due to the lack of resources and supplies and the hike of prices everywhere and for almost all goods. Basically, the suffering comes from the scarcity and boiling prices of gas which is badly needed during winter time especially for warming. This also reflects itself in industry and transportation and many other basic fields all over the world.

Kiev has had a chance to sit on the negotiating table at the beginning of the war, yet the western powers mainly Washington and London exercised pressure to prevent the Ukrainian president from doing that. Had he done it and reached an agreement, he would have spared his country all the devastating destruction the war caused. Now, after the new developments, Kiev has another chance to go to the negotiations though from a weak position this time. Will the Ukrainian leadership have other thoughts? This is something that the near future will tell. Wait and see!