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Washington Has Been Sowing the Wind Decades and It’s Time to Yield the Hurricanes

Washington Has Been Sowing the Wind Decades and It’s Time to Yield the Hurricanes
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By Mohammad Youssef

Lebanon – Three years ago, on January 2020, the world has observed a very important event, the first Iranian military response to the assassination of Quds Force commander General Qassem Soleimani. The Iranian reprisal was directed against the American base Ain al-Asad in Iraq. This military response came directly after an order by Leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei to the leadership of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard [IRG] to carry out a decisive and clear military strike against the Americans.

Regardless of the number of American casualties and the destruction that devastated the notorious American stronghold, the strike by itself is a remarkable event by the full sense of the political and military word.

Never before, has any power, regional or international, dared to challenge the American empire, let alone announce threats and carry them out clearly.

The US doctrine shock and awe that has been carried out by the American troops in many countries and against many governments did not materialize in the Iranian case. In Afghanistan, the Americans occupied the country, and this later on took place in Iraq as well, not to mention many other Latin American governments.

Tehran has never bowed down to the American pressures nor did it surrender to its blackmail.

In every problem Iran suffered or suffers since the advent of the Islamic Republic, Washington has a full hand of aggression and conspiracy.

Nonetheless, Tehran not only confronted the US conspiracy with full determination and resolve but also stood up to the US challenges and retaliated wherever it deemed necessary and has drawn the redlines to the Americans.

The Iranian account record with Washington has not settled down, it is still open as Iran has reserved its right for the just punishment against the American administration under former US President Donald Trump that took the decision to assassinate General Soleimani.

Washington should expect the punishment anytime in the future, as the horrible crime should not go without a very heavy price that the American perpetrators should pay for.

The Axis of Resistance too has its own declared goal to evict the Americans from all over the region. All the efforts should be organized and coordinated to this end. This aim should be pursued relentlessly, the US occupation and military presence should not feel safe at any time anywhere in the region. A time will come when all the region will be free from the American malignant and sinister presence. People’s awareness about the hostility and animosity of the Americans is growing by the day, and their understanding for America’s conspiracies and hegemonic imperialist nature is deepening.

Washington had been sowing the wind decades and it’s time to yield the hurricanes. Hopefully this will be soon!