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40 Years of Hezbollah


Qassem Soleimani: A Hero to All and A Humble Soldier of Islam

Qassem Soleimani: A Hero to All and A Humble Soldier of Islam
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By Mohammad Youssef

The achievements and sacrifices of martyr General Qassem Soleimani, the leader of the Quds Force brigade is unparalleled.

The kind of support and help he offered the people of the region is crucial and came in due time. Upon the directions of the Iranian leadership, Gen. Soleimani was keen and anxious to help in protecting and supporting people to gain safety and independence especially from the colonial and occupation forces.

Three years have passed since his martyrdom on Baghdad Airport road by the US forces, and upon a direct order from president Donald Trump, nonetheless his countless distinguished accomplishments continue to unfold in different places in the region.

From Palestine to Yemen and from Lebanon to Iraq moving through Syria, his fingerprints were all over in helping the people and governments facing the “Israeli” and takfiri threats.

One of the significant landmark traces that he left was his deep humane sympathy with oppressed people regardless of their religious or ethnic affiliation.

He extended a hand of help to different Iraqi ethnicities: Yazidis, Kurds, Turkmens and many others.

In Palestine, Iran through Qassem Soleiomani supported all Palestinian resistance groups, whether Islamic or national.

In Yemen, Iran stood firm to help the Yemenis defend themselves and their territories from the Saudi-American-led aggression.

The same applies to other parts in the world. When the Bosnian Muslims were under genocidal attack from the Serbs, Iran was there to help and send tons of weapons and ammunition for defense purposes.

No wonder this happens as Tehran has enshrined in its constitution to help support the oppressed anywhere in the world as one of the fixed elements of its principles.

All the victories that were achieved, all the assaults and conspiracies that were sabotaged were only possible because of the active and sober Iranian support.

Soleimani gained martyrdom which was a very dear wish that he has always embraced, nonetheless, his school of resistance in the region and across the world continues to flourish and advance forward.

Many young people have taken him as a real icon of Resistance. People across the region continue to express their gratitude and solidarity with Iran for the remarkable services he offered.  

Soleiman’s martyrdom was a real loss to the Axis of Resistance in the region, however, he was able to grow the seeds of resistance in different regions, and they will definitely blossom soon.

The distinguished general will always be remembered as one of the great heroes of Iran and the Axis of Resistance, but he as person has one wish, one simple dream.

He wanted to be remembered not as a high official, not as a leader but simply as a humble soldier of Islam.

That exactly what he wanted and got, it is there in the inscription over his tombstone in Karman: “This grave embraces the remaining of the soldier of Islam and Welayah.”

And it has become a shrine where tens of thousands visit to pay him respect and gratitude.