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Hezbollah’s Eyes are Watchful… But Where Is the Official Stance?

Hezbollah’s Eyes are Watchful… But Where Is the Official Stance?
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By Khalil Nasrallah

The Resistance doesn’t have to declare its readiness before any military maneuvers held by the “Israeli” enemy, even though they come by surprise. The readiness of the Resistance is present in every time and place as its pace escalates or diminishes according to its own estimations. Indeed, the Resistance shoulders the responsibility of defending Lebanon against any “Israeli” surprise or any possible miscalculation.

The “Israeli” military wargames have taken place consecutively, especially this year during which the largest drill in the Zionist entity’s history was held under the title of “Chariots of Fire.” They were followed by the “Hot Winter” drills which were announced a few days ago. These anti-Lebanon hostile actions require clear official stances as well as filing a complaint to the United Nations Security Council, which didn’t happen.

It’s noteworthy that no Lebanese official stance was issued in this regard, let alone the political parties of different affiliations. On the contrary, a new attack against the Resistance missiles was recorded in the context of fabricating lies that Hezbollah is using Beirut International Airport to transfer different kinds of weapons. This is ruled out both through the facts and the Resistance’s long history in this regard.

When the enemy kicked off its “Chariots of Fire” maneuvers, which simulate war on several fronts, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah announced that the Resistance started a wide-scale operational readiness that will last till the end of those military exercises. Besides, Sayyed Nasrallah noted that the pace of such preparedness would scale up and down according to the enemy’s activities.

Hence, the announcement was not only a sign of readiness but also an affirmation that Hezbollah is ready for any miscalculation by the enemy, which is proven by experience. Although the enemy delivered messages through diplomatic channels that it is not taking into account any escalation or war with Lebanon, still considering such messages doesn’t mean to let the watchful eyes at the borders sleep.

The level of the Resistance readiness is high regardless of the scale and function of “Hot Winter” maneuvers. Primarily, this aims at following up the enemy’s activities, as it’s concerned to understand its goals and plans, and to conclude lessons, in addition to the almost null possibilities that the enemy would make wrong calculations and estimations.

The eyes of the state and many more others could rest, which is a matter of fact, although the eyes of the Resistance would never. Every detail from Ras al-Naqoura to the depths of the sea, and from Ras al-Naqoura to the borders of the occupied Syrian Golan is guarded by the Resistance men and their watchful eyes.

This experience, along with other similar ones, highlights the Resistance’s preliminary role in defending Lebanon against any “Israeli” or Takfiri aggression. The Resistance also serves as the actual and realistic protector from a position of strength. The Lebanese state then should only meet the Resistance in voicing up against the “Israeli” actions, merely as it did in the battle of the South Lebanon maritime boundaries delimitation, for eyes can’t be closed with such an enemy.