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Resistance and Liberation May 2023


Hamas Celebrates 35th Anniversary, Calls on All Resistance Forces to Uproot the ‘Israeli’ Occupation

Hamas Celebrates 35th Anniversary, Calls on All Resistance Forces to Uproot the ‘Israeli’ Occupation
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By Al-Ahed News

Leader of the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement in the besieged Gaza Strip Yehya al-Sinwar highlighted the importance of the readiness of all resistance forces, within the Axis of Resistance and the Axis of al-Quds, as well as all the vital forces of the ummah, to crawl as a roaring flood to uproot the ‘Israeli’ occupation from the land and the sanctities.

Sinwar left the occupation on a short notice before finalizing the prisoners swap deal, otherwise the issue will be closed once and for all.

Hamas Celebrates 35th Anniversary, Calls on All Resistance Forces to Uproot the ‘Israeli’ Occupation

Sinwar made the remarks in the massive festival that was held in western Gaza, dubbed “We’re Coming as a Roaring Flood”, to celebrate the 35th year on the resistance movement’s establishment, in which he hailed the Lions’ Den group in the occupied West Bank, saying they are not only in Nablus but all across the nation.

“Resistance is the sole way to liberation, and the resistance fighters are accumulating their power and preparing for the day of mobilization to defend the sanctities, the land, and the human beings, and to make the Palestinian dream of liberation and return come true,” the Hamas chief underlined.

As he saluted the occupied West Bank resistance fighters, Sinwar urged all the Palestinian resistance factions there to take the initiative with the action of resistance. “The Jenin Camp, the Lions’ Den in Nablus, the Balata Battalion, and the other groups represent the sole way for our people’s salvation.”

Sinwar further urged the Palestinian people in the occupied territories to stand in line and get prepared to resist the Zionist fascism and apartheid. He then addressed the people in the occupied territories, telling them “You are the nuclear bomb in the depth of the Zionist entity, don’t allow anybody to whitewash the occupation’s ugly face.”

As for the prisoners’ swap deal, the Hamas leader left the ‘Israeli’ enemy on short notice to either finish the prisoners swap deal, or the issue of detainees will be closed forever, in which the group is going to find another way to liberate the Palestinian detainees.

Sinwar underlined that the Qassam Brigades group, and other resistance wings didn’t waste a minute without building the force of the liberation and the army of returning [to Palestine].

For his part, the al-Qassam Brigades military commander Abu Khaled Mohammad Deif pledged to continue the path of the martyrs until entering the holy al-Aqsa Mosque.

Deif told the “Israelis”: O’ strangers from our land, your founding fathers were unable to eradicate our people, so today you are unable to succeed where your fathers have failed. “The eradication of your entity will be our victory, and Allah’s promise to us which, by God’s willing, won’t be delayed.”

“Let all the banners and fronts unite, and all arenas open for one great, noble and sacred goal, which is the liberation of Palestine,” Deif concluded.