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The ‘Israeli’ Occupation Prisons: Where Palestinian Childhood is Butchered

The ‘Israeli’ Occupation Prisons: Where Palestinian Childhood is Butchered
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By Al-Ahed News

Not even children in Palestine have been spared from the unending ‘Israeli’ occupation arrests. Such detentions deny children their rights, and treat them as killable dangerous bodies that must be physically arrested and mentally absented. A very good proof is child detainee Ahmad Manasra who is in a woeful psychological condition behind the ‘Israeli’ bars.

In comments on this issue, the expert in detainees and ex-detainees’ affairs, Abdul Nasser Farwana, said on Monday that the “‘Israeli’ occupation has detained 815 children since the beginning of the year.”

In an interview with Al-Ahed News, Farwana stated that the ‘Israeli’ occupation regime is currently holding around 150 children in prisons, stressing that “The detention of male and female children is included in a systematic policy that doesn’t take into account their age, fragile bodies, and the weak health conditions for some of them, and denies them their humanitarian needs and the minimum rights guaranteed by international law.”

The expert also noted that the occupation regime didn’t comply with the minimum standard rules in the treatment of those children after holding them in detention centers or after sentencing them.

“The ‘Israeli’ regime implements its tremendous abilities to alter their reality and destroy their future to create a fragile generation that would neither be able to resist nor to confront,” he went on to say.

By the same token, Farawna elaborated, “The Palestinian children have been paying a lot for the continuous arrests throughout the years of ‘Israeli’ occupation. It is shocking to study their experiences, as the detention centers, investigation crypts, torture cells, and prison rooms are no less than a butchery for the Palestinian childhood.”

“The ‘Israeli’ occupation is wrong to keep believing that the security and safety of its ‘citizens’ are accomplished by arresting unarmed civilians and targeting innocent children,” he asserted.

Farawna then concluded that the crimes the ‘Israeli’ occupation regime is committing against the Palestinian children will never bring it security and peace. It’ll never secure its future from the hatred it planted deep within the Palestinian children through its practices against them. The explosion is delayed until they grow up. Nothing will lead to any kind of the desired peace. The just peace only begins when the occupation ends.”