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IRG: No Mercy will Be Shown to Rioters, Terrorists Serving Iran’s Enemies

IRG: No Mercy will Be Shown to Rioters, Terrorists Serving Iran’s Enemies
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By Staff, Agencies

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards [IRG] has commended the Judiciary for its firm treatment of a number of rioters affiliated with the “Israeli” spy agency, saying no mercy will be shown to rioters, thugs and terrorists serving the country’s enemies.

The elite force made the remark in a Monday statement in which it thanked the judicial officials for the death sentences handed down to four riot leaders who were affiliated with the Mossad spy agency.

The IRG further added that the categorical sentences handed down to rioters cooperating with "Israel" proved the Judiciary’s “sensitivity and seriousness” about administering justice and safeguarding the security of citizens.

Demanding all state bodies to pay more attention to peaceful protests and people’s rightful demands, the IRG said, “Security, intelligence, police and Basij forces ... will not hesitate in dealing firmly and powerfully with those who threaten the social security and order ... including rioters, armed thugs, and terrorists working at the behest of [Iran’s] enemies, and will show them no mercy.”

It underlined that “categorical handling of cases related to destructive, terrorist and secessionist activates that target the country’ security as well as people’s lives and property, and have inflicted heavy and irreparable losses on the nation and the country “is now a public demand, which should be attended to by the judicial officials.”

In a statement published on Saturday, the Security Council of Iran's Interior Ministry said the enemy waged a hybrid war against the Islamic Republic to weaken national solidarity and hinder the country's progress, stressing that some 200 people have lost their lives in the riots sparked by separatist and terrorist groups since their outbreak in September.

It said rioters conducted acts of vandalism, violence and insecurity in Iran and paved the way for separatist and terrorist groups to infiltrate into the country and carry out brutal attacks against innocent people.