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Iran’s Baqeri: Our Military Power Keeping US Forces Away

Iran’s Baqeri: Our Military Power Keeping US Forces Away
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By Staff, Agencies 

Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri stressed that his country “has gained such great military and deterrent power that the American forces have to stay clear from the Iranian coasts.”

“The Iranian military forces have become so powerful that no American aircraft carrier has been deployed to the Gulf during the past two years and they have stayed over 1,000 kilometers away from the coasts of Iran,” Baqeri said at an administrative meeting in the southern port city of Bushehr on Sunday.

The Iranian commander further underlined that “The US has admitted that Iran’s success in extending the range of its missiles and boosting the accuracy and power of its fire has increased the costs and risks of American forces staying in the region.”

“The Iranian Armed Forces monitor the enemies’ moves across the region constantly,” he added.

In parallel, Baqeri stated that “The enemy’s decision to give up plans for a military attack on Iran has nothing to do with its fake concern for human rights, but relates to its fear of war and Iran’s massive deterrent power.”