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‘Israel’ Facing Another Palestinian Intifada

‘Israel’ Facing Another Palestinian Intifada
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By Staff, Agencies

Hebrew media outlets described the security situation in the Occupied West Bank as ‘dangerous,’ suggesting that the apartheid regime stands before what seems to be another Palestinian Intifada [uprising].

According to an ‘Israeli’ Channel 12 correspondent, since the latest operations in the Gaza Strip, “‘Israeli’ occupation forces have been stationed in the area,” and the military surveillance apparatuses “prevents revealing the numbers of ‘Israeli’ army forces and details related to it to media outlets.”

“We are prohibited from talking about the size of the deployed forces, but we confirm that they are heavily deployed, and the military is starting to complain about how difficult the situation has become,” he said.

The news was also confirmed by military affairs commentator Amir Bar Shalom. He said the “situation reminds us of the reminiscence of a dangerous phenomenon, which is the Second Intifada.”

According to the political commentator, ‘Israeli’ officials warned before the Knesset on Tuesday that an increase was expected in terms of Palestinian operations and an escalation in terms of the operations’ quality.

The officials voiced a “pessimistic” forecast regarding the current wave of Palestinian attacks that began this past March.

“The expectation is for an increase in the scope of the attacks and an escalation in the quality of the attacks that will come from the West Bank,” the officials said.

The first sign of such escalation was the twin operations that took place in occupied al-Quds last week, Amir Bar Shalom added.

He explained that practically speaking, the ‘Israeli’ army has raised the ‘red flag’ [a military warning to the serious danger it faces currently], and said “an intifada is months away rather than years away.”

On November 23, two separate explosions rocked two bus stations at the entrance of occupied al-Quds, in response to a long period of ongoing ‘Israeli’ oppression of the Palestinian people.

Following the attacks, the head of the ‘Israeli’ military intelligence directorate Tamir Hayman said the twin explosions were a clear sign of the outbreak of a third Palestinian Intifada with “unprecedented characteristics.”

Commenting on the attacks, the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement said these come in reaction to a new round of ‘Israeli’ airstrikes against Gaza, as well as the stepping up of ‘Israeli’ army and settler raids of al-Aqsa mosque and assaulting Palestinians inside its vicinity.

The Zionist occupation forces have ramped up military activity in the West Bank, killing more Palestinians during the past months.

On Tuesday morning, the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces killed four Palestinians, including two young siblings who were shot after ‘Israeli’ soldiers stormed the city of Kafr Ein southwest of Ramallah and injured nine others with live bullets.


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