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Qatar World Cup Came to Clarify that Normalization with ‘Israel’ is Only Governments, Not Peoples’ Affair!

Qatar World Cup Came to Clarify that Normalization with ‘Israel’ is Only Governments, Not Peoples’ Affair!
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By Mohammad Youssef

The Qatar World Cup has unfolded so many events and revealed new facts the most important of which is that Palestine and the Palestinian cause still occupy a central place in the consciousness of the Arab community.

All the shameful official normalization deals with the ‘Israeli’ enemy and all the attempts by some Arab governments to normalize the relations between their people and the enemy have very clearly proved their futility. The reactions from the different standoffs said one truth that ‘Israel’ can never be accepted as a normal part of the region, and it will always be rejected by all Arab and Muslim people.

Journalists, reporters and media personnel who work in the different ‘Israeli’ media outlets have repeatedly revealed a very strong fact about how much they are detested and rejected the moment Arab people discover their ‘Israeli’ identity. The people would directly voice out their anger and refuse their presence in Qatar.

This kind of reaction would directly tell the ‘Israelis’ and the governments how much Arab people are attached to Palestine and the depth of their faith in it.

In one instance, an ‘Israeli’ reporter would start a conversation with one of the attendees at the Qatar World Cup, the moment this participant discovers he is an ‘Israeli’ he would directly cut the conversation and refuse talking to him.

In another instance, the ‘Israeli’ reporter covering the events would reveal his identity and the audiences there tell him directly there is no such thing as ‘Israel,’ we call this country Palestine.

In a third occasion, a crowd of the participants attending the World Cup would tell one of the ‘Israelis’ in the face you are not welcome here.

This thread of events and many others have made the ‘Israelis’ feel frustrated and report to their government that would in its turn report to the Qatari authorities to convey its disappointment and claims about the mistreatment of the ‘Israelis’ during the World Cup events.

Of course, neither Qatar, nor any other Arab government is capable of controlling the feeling of the people and the impulse of the Arab crowds. They represent a true and genuine reflection of their understanding to the ‘Israeli’ entity.

What is so strange actually about all of this is the shock manifested by the ‘Israelis’ themselves as if this happens as a surprise, though they should know already that all the years that passed after their agreement with both the Egyptian and Jordanian political systems did not bring them any inch closer to be accepted by both streets whether in Cairo or Amman.

‘Israel’ will never be accepted by the Arabs and Muslims and all its agreements and treaties with a government here or there will not help make it a normal part of the region.

As long as our mothers and fathers teach us that this part of the world has always been and will continue to be Palestine and not any other country or entity, and as long as the successive Palestinian generations continue to sacrifice for the full liberation of Palestine from the rivers to the sea, then the victory will definitely come.

The normalization story is behind us. To be more precise, it is under our feet in all the Arab streets. Governments take note of that!