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In the Battle of the West-administered Defamation Propaganda, Iran, As Always, Will Emerge Victorious!

In the Battle of the West-administered Defamation Propaganda, Iran, As Always, Will Emerge Victorious!
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By Mohammad Youssef

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a victim of a huge world conspiracy and almost a global attack from the Western world, mainly the US, Britain, France and other Gulf countries, namely Saudi Arabia, not to mention the Zionist regime.

How is Iran going to respond to this new threat and how can we assess the whole situation and its probable outcome?

To begin with, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been in the eye of the storm. Ever since the Islamic Revolution succeeded and emerged victorious, the surge of attacks has started.

First, pushed by the US and other Western and Arab countries, Iraq under Saddam Hussein started an eight-year war against Iran which costed the two countries millions of lives and led to huge destruction.

All Western countries armed Saddam with the most recent and sophisticated high-tech weapons and military equipment to guarantee his supremacy in the battlefield.

The Arab countries, with a few exceptions, funneled tens of billions of dollars in different kinds of support to the Iraqi regime at the time.

Second, Iran has been under continuous Western sanctions and embargo. This has prevented the country from being able to import any technology even for its civil nonmilitary activities, nonetheless, Tehran has been able to advance itself and develop its capabilities.

Iran was under systematic agenda to degrade its capabilities on every level. The US-West plan is to prevent any independent country from reaching any level of development and prosperity so it cannot serve as a model for others to follow.

More importantly, with the Iranian case, the issue is very sensitive due to the strategic geopolitical location Iran occupies, and the political position it holds on the level of supporting all the oppressed people and their resistance groups. And here comes Palestine as a top issue at stake with the US policies.

Washington gives an open military, political and economic support to our ‘Israeli’ enemy to consolidate its grip tightly in the Occupied Palestine.

Third, Iran has been subjected to an unprecedented war of misleading propaganda which depicts it as a haven for terrorism and illegal activities. The world’s West-dominated media continued incessantly to broadcast daily negative reports about the Iranian leadership depicting it as a dictatorship.

Incessant attempts to plant a wedge between the different ethnic groups that build up the Iranian society have always been a central part of the West’s anti-Iran strategy.

Moreover, the fake Western propaganda has a fixed schedule to transmit programs and news about negative events taking place inside Iran to portray an untrue image about a presumed division between the Iranian authorities and the people.

As a counter effort, Iran steadily and prudently stood firm against all the conspiracies and sabotaged them. It further built its capabilities and is now one of the world’s most advanced nations.

The Iranian leadership, with its wisdom and strategic vision, has been able to make huge positive strategic transformations on many levels and will firmly continue to do so. Those who are pinning hopes that this Islamic Republic would crumble and fall apart will be soon very disappointed. Iran will time and again emerge triumphant and victorious against all its enemies wherever they happen to be.