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40 Years of Hezbollah


Stolen Yemeni Antiquities Sold at International Auctions!

Stolen Yemeni Antiquities Sold at International Auctions!
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By Staff

The Hodhod Center for Archeological studies documented in a report the process of stealing Yemeni antiquities and selling them in international auctions.

The center said that more than 4,265 smuggled antiquity pieces were sold in 6 countries, namely in the United States through 5 auctions, Britain through 4 auctions, France through 3 auctions, Occupied Palestine through 2 auctions and an auction in each of Germany and Netherlands.

It further indicated that the number of sold and displayed pieces during the Saudi-led aggression period amounted to 2,610 artifacts putting the US in first place, followed by the Netherlands with 2,167 artifacts and in the “Israeli” entity in third place with 510 artifacts.

The center pointed out that the number of sold artifacts during the aggression is 2,523 pieces, with an estimated worth of $12 million. Noting that among the artifacts mentioned by the report, there were pieces with their prices reaching more than $800,000 – such as a manuscript dating back to the 15th century AD.

The Hodhod Center confirmed that initial statistics of antiquities models included 7 international museums accommodating 1,384 antiquity pieces.