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Lebanon’s Army, People, and Resistance: The Guarantor of National Rights, Sovereignty

Lebanon’s Army, People, and Resistance: The Guarantor of National Rights, Sovereignty
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By Mohammad Youssef

The resistance movements in Lebanon, namely Hezbollah, have accumulated great achievements on so many different levels which brought stability and safety to Lebanon. All the military victories were scored against the ‘Israeli’ enemy, and more recently against the takfiri terrorists in Syria and Lebanon.

All the military expertise along with the continuous coordination with the Lebanese Army has consolidated and deeply entrenched the triumphant equation: The Army, the people, and the Resistance.

This equation has served as a remarkable successful formula to ensure Lebanon’s sovereignty, safety and stability against multi-level hazards and dangers that threatened the country and its people.

Never at any time before this equation has been established was Lebanon able to claim its real sovereignty. The full sense of the term has been embodied only after this formula came into existence. More particularly, after the resistance forced the ‘Israeli’ enemy to withdraw in 2000, Lebanon and the Lebanese have been able to exercise their sovereignty in reality.

As an example, the Lebanese, especially the southerners, have never been able to reach their lands and fields, the ‘Israeli’ occupation soldiers used to open fire against the farmers preventing them from planting their lands or harvesting their crops.

The Lebanese army as well, has never been allowed before 2000 to exercise its sovereign right to deploy its forces in the southern part of Lebanon along the Palestinian border. Contrary to this, the ‘Israeli’ occupation, aside from its continuous aggression has challenged Lebanon by establishing a proxy militia known as the militia of the collaborators. The ‘Israeli enemy used to call them ‘South Lebanon Army’ in an attempt to legalize their existence, thus challenging the Lebanese government and comprising the legitimacy of the army.

Now the resistance has extended the mandate of this sacred equation into a new field, namely, the economic one.

In a recent and astounding accomplishment, the Lebanese state along with the balance of deterrence imposed by the Resistance, have both been able to preserve Lebanon’s rights in its maritime boundary with the occupied Palestine.

This demarcation of the maritime boundary gives Lebanon, according to the Lebanese government, its rights in the sea oil and gas resources is another remarkable achievement that strengthens the Lebanese sovereign decision and the state sovereignty and governance over its territories in land and in sea.

In conclusion, it is evident that as long as this coordination and harmony continue to exist between the Resistance, the Lebanese Army, and the people’s support, no foreign enemy or force can threaten Lebanon or blackmail its rights.

The Lebanese sovereignty is being protected and preserved through this formula that must exist and must be preserved.

It is our national shield that we should stick to and uphold always, and we will definitely do!