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November 11, A Day to Honor, Preserve the Blood Drops of Every Martyr

November 11, A Day to Honor, Preserve the Blood Drops of Every Martyr
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By Mohammad Youssef

Every year, at the eleventh of November, we, at the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon observe Hezbollah’s Martyr Day. This day commemorates the anniversary of our great martyrs who had offered the most generous sacrifice when they with all homage and devotion had given their lives to the cause and the country. Their sacred blood and elevated souls have been serving to ensure Lebanon’s liberation, independence, dignity and sovereignty.

What should be really said and read here is that we need to spread the culture of our martyrs. We need to teach their principles and consolidate them within the consciousness of the present generation and the coming generations. The martyrs’ heritage is so great, immense and sublime. This heritage serves as a guarantee that this umma [community] will continue their path and pledge sincerity and loyalty for their faith and sacrifice.

The importance and greatness of the divine victory that was made by our martyrs is not only because of the liberation that was brought to us, but first, because of the exemplary model that it has brought to the whole region. And second, because of the hope that it has implemented within the umma that we are capable of achieving the final victory by eliminating the occupation from all over the region, particularly Palestine.

It is the responsibility of the umma to preserve the heritage of those great martyrs. Had not it been for them, we would not have been able by anyway to enjoy the liberation and live in safety.

Their sacrifices continue to act as safety valves and represent guarantee to the continuation of the path of the resistance, and thus to achieve victory and liberation.

It is shameful that our state is not up to the level of martyrs’ heritage preservation, that is why it is mandatory that people’s initiative should be encouraged and supported.

This kind of official negligence and indifference about the martyrs should be compensated by fostering the initiatives to commemorate their anniversaries. Moreover, it falls upon the shoulder of the leaders of the Axis of Resistance stretching from Gaza to Tehran to initiate a full coordination and invent a complimentary mechanism to ensure the strength of the front’s steadfastness.

The enemies are fighting us in a unified front, they coordinate their efforts and carry out their conspiracies and aggressions against us in very organized and systematic scheme. That is why, the Axis of Resistance with all its different countries, fronts and organizations, should have a comprehensive plan with specified tasks and missions that should be pursued and accomplished by every individual part of this axis.

This is very important to consolidate the deep sense of faith that our martyrs have planted within the umma.

New chapters of glory and victory will surely be always written by the umma as long as it continues to pursue the footsteps of the martyrs and preserve their heritage.