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What Equations Has Sayyed Nasrallah Added to the Conflict with “Israel”?

What Equations Has Sayyed Nasrallah Added to the Conflict with “Israel”?
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By Charles Abi Nader

When Zionist Prime Minister Yair Lapid talked immediately after finishing the process to finalize the maritime boundary delimitation document, he claimed that he was able to “extract a Lebanese recognition” of what he referred to as ‘the ‘Israeli’ state’ [the Occupation entity]. However, his claim was not addressed to the Lebanese people as he is well aware that either those who support the resistance or not, all of them know very well that Lebanon – the state and the Resistance - will never recognize this usurper entity. Lebanon, as well, has set a strategic goal to eradicate the existence of this entity from the region with all of possible means.

Actually, Lapid’s allegation was mainly addressing the “Israeli” community in general and the Netanyahu-led opposition in particular. The opposition, on the other side, seeks to accumulate points to take advantage of in targeting Lapid in the elections. The reason behind Lapid’s message to the ‘Israeli’ community is that he knows well that the weakness from which the opposition may succeed in convincing the “Israeli” voters is that he surrendered to “Karish and beyond Karish” equation and adhered to the entire Lebanese demands under the threat of Hezbollah’s drones and missiles. Hence, with a significant number of the voters convinced with this idea, he’s going to lose the elections against Netanyahu.

Eventually, this is concluded from the content and dimensions mentioned in Hezbollah’s Secretary-General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s latest speech when he went thoroughly in explaining the stages and details of Lebanon’s maritime boundaries delimitation on the level of what the ‘Israeli opposition is trying to use against Lapid, which is completely true. Lapid, likewise, is totally aware that it’s true, and no matter how hard he tried to justify or deny his surrender and adherence to the Lebanese demands out of fear from Hezbollah, the “Israeli” voters aren’t stupid and have witnessed this fear and concession. However, what concerns Lapid, Netanyahu, and all the Zionist political parties and diversely oriented voters is totally different from the practical repercussions, whether economic, political, or security ones that ‘Israel’ has and will achieve after the process of extracting gas from Karish kicks off. Likewise, the international repercussions secured the ‘Israeli’-Western ties, as the latter is thirsty to any source of energy wherever it comes from. This also comforted the worried West about any side confrontation that would distract its attention on confronting Russia in Ukraine.

This different factor that concerns the entire Zionist community, is also different from what Lebanon is supposed to primarily achieve from this deal. Here comes the beginning of financial, political, and social stability, as well as success in restoring certain balance in Lebanon’s relationship with the international community that was tightening its grip on it for reasons that are mainly related to its stance towards ‘Israel’.

This factor is important to both, the occupation entity and Lebanon – the state and the Resistance - and could be summarized in the following points:

This strategic accomplishment for Lebanon permitted a way for the country to radically separate the conflict with the “Israeli” enemy from the “delimitation of boundaries of maritime gas zones”. Thus, the conflict stays with all its equations and special rules of engagement unrelated to this delimitation. In a far place, the acts of the equations of deterrence and key rules of engagement concerning the conflict with “Israel” will remain separate from the reached document. The sensitive point here has to do with Lebanon’s success in separating the delimitation document from the conflict with the enemy, which is considered the core of the “Israeli” defeat. The Zionist entity failed to make peace or normalize ties with Lebanon, or even getting permanent security assurances in return to adhering to the Lebanese demands. It has also been secured that applying this deal is linked to the title of the next phase announced by Sayyed Nasrallah, which states that “the enemy won’t be able to continue extracting and selling oil and gas in case Lebanon was prevented from extracting its oil and gas.”

The delimitation document that was imposed on the enemy represents a pivotal change in the fundamentals of the conflict between the “Israeli” enemy and the Resistance in Lebanon specifically, and the Axis of Resistance in general. In fact, this means that this key change has created a new equation in the conflict in which Lebanon -the state and the Resistance- broke the “Israeli” pride, destroyed its arrogance, and stopped its dominance. ‘Israel’ has previously thought that its military and financial capabilities and its regional and international relationships would greenlight it to impose and refuse whatever it wants to, especially with a [besieged and economically collapsing] country like Lebanon. Nowadays, “Israel” has moved to a different position amid every confrontation, or possible confrontation, especially on all the occupied Palestinian arenas or in Lebanon. Indeed, whenever ‘Israel’ is threatened with a limited confrontation or a wide-scale war [which the entire ‘Israeli’ entity fears from], it fears losing whatever it was keen to preserve by force. It has been convinced, apparently, that it will find itself the loser or the disabled side in this war or confrontation.