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“Israeli” Security Establishment Worried of a New Jenin in Nablus

“Israeli” Security Establishment Worried of a New Jenin in Nablus
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By Al-Ahed News

The “Israeli” entity’s security establishment is anxious and terrified of the heroic operations carried out in Nablus amid an “Israeli” fear from a Jenin-like area as the latter witnessed operations, which were the preliminary milestones in the second intifada.

The “Israeli” newspaper Yadioth Ahranoth stressed on the great concern in the “Israeli” security establishment over the statements of Palestinian Authority [PA] officials in support of the resistance.

The newspaper noted that at the beginning of the week, the Palestinian Authority Minister of Health Mai al-Kaila praised during a Palestinian government session The Lions’ Den group, which carries out shooting operations and operations with explosive devices against targets of the occupation forces. The newspaper indicated that this is the first time a member of the Palestinian Authority government praises and credits the group.

Furthermore, according to the “Israeli” newspaper, the Palestinian minister’s statement is added to the visit of the PA Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh who arrived in the Jenin refugee camp and met with Fathi Khazem, the father of martyr Raad Khazem who carried out the operation in Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv.

Shatyyeh’s visit at this crucial time surprised “Israeli” officials, who in fact praise the coordination with Palestinian security services.

According to the newspaper, the big unanswered questions are: “How will targeting The Lions’ Den fighters, on the one hand, affect the level of attacks against the occupation army targets, and on the other hand, the joining of additional Palestinian youths to resist the occupation forces?” It concluded by asking: “Will this measure deter the Palestinians, or will the desire for revenge bring more and more Palestinians to the streets?”

“Maariv” newspaper reported that the estimates of the “Israeli” Occupation Forces are that there will be attempts to carry out news operations in the wake of the operation launched by the army in Nablus, but they made it clear that they are determined to continue operations against The Lion's Den group and pursue its fighters until its elimination.

The newspaper also said that “Israel’s” mission is to restore stability back in Nablus, and prevent it from becoming a new Jenin.

For instance, Zionist security experts mentioned that the so-called "Operation Guardian of the Walls 2" is close in light of security developments in the West Bank.

“Israeli” media reported that Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi addressed, on Tuesday, the military operation in Nablus, which resulted in the death of five Palestinians from the Lions’ Den group – which is responsible for carrying out a number of operations against the occupation soldiers during the past two months. “The ‘Israeli’ army initiates and attacks systematically the enemies of the ‘state’ in the north, initiates a wide operation and attacks when the enemy threatens in the Gaza Strip, and the ‘Israeli’ army initiates and thwarts on a daily basis ‘terrorism’ in the West Bank region,” Kochavi claimed.

In an attempt to mitigate the impact of the defeat, Kochavi announced that the occupation army has been waging an increasing campaign in recent months in the framework of the so-called “Operation Break the Wave”. During the operation 1,500 Palestinians were arrested, dozens of resistance fighters were martyred, and hundreds of operations were prevented, he said.