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IRG Chief Vows Enemy Will Be Punished after Shiraz Attack

IRG Chief Vows Enemy Will Be Punished after Shiraz Attack
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By Staff, Agencies

Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard [IRG] Major General Hossein Salami reacted to the terrorist attack in Shah Cheragh of Shiraz, warning the enemies that their hostile actions will backfire on them one day.

Major General Salami said in a statement on Thursday "I express my condolences to all the noble people of Iran, especially the families of the great martyrs over the martyrdom of a group of pilgrims and countrymen and women in the terrorist crime of Takfiris in the shrine of Ahmad Ibn Musa [AS] in Shiraz."

"This horrific crime showed that the enemies of the dignity, power and progress of Islamic Iran have not stopped committing any crime to achieve their malicious goals and wishes and are ready to kill and shed the blood of defenseless men, women and children even during prayers and thanking Almighty God time in the shrine of Ahl al-Bayt of the great Prophet [PBUH]," the IRG chief's message also read.

Strongly condemning this barbaric crime and sinister action, General Salami declared to the perpetrators and their supporters who are behind them that the wrath of anger and revenge of the Iranian nation who are intelligent and always supportive will burn down "the camp of Satan," and will finally punish them severely for their heinous crimes.