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Resistance and Liberation May 2023


Maritime Border Delimitation Dilemma: ‘Israel’ Is in Trouble as Lebanon is United to Achieve its Conditions

Maritime Border Delimitation Dilemma: ‘Israel’ Is in Trouble as Lebanon is United to Achieve its Conditions
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By Mohammad Youssef

‘Israel’ is in a very chaotic situation as never before. For the first time in its entire history the Zionist entity is experiencing in an unprecedented way a phase of deep division, confusion, and uncertainty. Both the political and military leaderships have been put in a very difficult situation and were left with no margin to maneuver.

All of this is taking place because of Hezbollah and its triumphing equation vis-à-vis the delimitation of the maritime line with the occupied Palestine.

The party has presented a serious warning that was perfectly understood by the ‘Israeli’ leadership, both military and political, and their American allies that if Lebanon was not allowed to extract and exploit its natural resources [petroleum and gas from its water], then the ‘Israelis’ will not be allowed to do that as well.

The resistance group sent three types of drones in a clear and direct message about its seriousness, willingness, and readiness to implement its warnings.

Moreover, Hezbollah has also carried out certain military maneuvers that showed part of its preparations to target the Karish platform.

Lebanon has sent its remarks about the US-proposed settlement. The ‘Israelis’ made a huge fuss about the Lebanese position because they could not swallow that Lebanon, and for the first time in its history, proved capable of forcing the ‘Israelis’ to accept its terms and conditions.

The reality is that this new development has caused a deep shock inside the ‘Israeli’ circles and was used by the opposition to exploit the situation for their coming elections.

Netanyahu and his party harshly attacked the proposed settlement describing it as a complete surrender to Hezbollah conditions, and started a campaign against their political adversaries.

The Zionist entity’s security and military leadership interfered to defend the decision to conclude a process with Lebanon though indirectly, because there is no other alternative but to go into a confrontation that will not be in their interest, and will possibly lead to devastating results and bring dangerous consequences that ‘Israel’ cannot take.

The Americans and French have also interfered to prevent any further deterioration in the ongoing negotiations.

This all should give a very important lesson to the Lebanese people and to all the oppressed people that when they take a firm decision and unite behind a united position, they can impose their own conditions which preserve and ensure their rights, and no force can dictate its terms against them.

The Lebanese people have been able to present themselves as united after the official position voiced by the three presidents that was furthered and supported by the resistance leadership.

Lebanon has been able to keep its firm position and deemed itself unconcerned with what is happening within the ‘Israeli’ milieu. This has added up more strength to the Lebanese position.

Most of the estimations anticipate that the new problems created by the Tel Aviv regime will be resolved and a settlement will be concluded irrespective of all the chaotic divisions inside the ‘Israeli’ establishment.

Hopefully Lebanon will be able to exercise its sovereign right of extracting and benefitting from its resources. This will ease the crisis and form a beginning to rid Lebanon and the Lebanese of many of the dilemmas and sufferings they are going through now. Again and again thanks to the resistance!