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Discriminatory Use of NPT When Dealing with Zionist Regime

Discriminatory Use of NPT When Dealing with Zionist Regime
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By Staff, Agencies

Non-peaceful nuclear activities of the Zionist regime threaten peace in West Asia, so Arab states criticize the double standard in this respect and call for the membership of the Tel Aviv regime in the Non-Proliferation Treaty [NPT] as the most effective option to disarm and control the "Israeli" entity’s atomic ambitions.

The Zionist regime's continuous refusal to join the treaty with the help of its Western allies has triggered anger and reactions by Arab littoral states of the Gulf.

Talal Al-Fassam, Kuwait's ambassador and permanent representative at the United Nations office in Vienna, has asked the international community to prompt the Zionist regime to join the NPT.

Al-Fassam addressed the 66 meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] saying that the Zionist regime’s atomic facilities must be supervised by the UN nuclear watchdog totally.

In response, Director General of the Zionist regime’s Atomic Energy Commission Moshe Edri claimed that Arab member states of the IAEA target the regime because of “political reasons,” alleging that these countries want to see "Israeli" nuclear capabilities in the agenda of annual jobs of the IAEA, but the political move is fruitless.

Although Edri tried to push back the Arab countries by claiming that the “Israeli” entity is ready to share its nuclear technology with compromising Arab states, such rhetoric statements are not influential.

Arab states are well aware that the Zionist regime, which possesses several atomic warheads, is a big threat to peace and security in the region and the world, which hinders the Middle East free from atomic weapons.

An independent daily has revealed details of an email from former United States Secretary of State Colin Powell emphasizing that the regime possesses 200 atomic warheads and all these nuclear weapons are targeting Tehran.

Despite the fact that the regime has constantly attempted to follow up the policy of “nuclear ambiguity” in terms of its atomic weapons, some observers believe that the occupying regime has around 400 nuclear warheads in its stockpiles.

The atomic regime has so far refused to join the NPT, while it has opposed Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.

Several countries such as Qatar and Kuwait have urged the Zionist regime to join the NPT, but big powers in particular the US showed they are not willing to put pressure on the regime to join the treaty and they even cover up its atomic activities from the eyes of international entities such as the IAEA.

Kuwait is one of the governments in West Asia that have times and again criticized the Zionist regime for refusing to join the NPT.

The Kuwaiti government sees the refusal as not only a security threat but also a threat to nuclear and human safety especially due to the fact that the "Israeli" nuclear facilities are old.

Of course, the behavior of the IAEA and its director general in this regard is also effective, because Rafael Grossi accuses Iran on the basis of the accusations leveled by the Zionist regime, which does not accept to be a member of the NPT, but he is not allowed to warn about Israelis’ atomic weapons or ask them to join the treaty.

There are many documents and events proving that the IAEA is not an independent entity, but it pursues implementation of hostile policies of the US and the Zionist regime against Iran.

Grossi has surprisingly claimed that since the “Israeli” entity is not a member state of the NPT, the IAEA cannot supervise its nuclear activities!

However, Tehran has been implementing not only the NPT but also the Additional Protocol voluntarily. So the double standard in dealing with the nuclear programs of Iran and the Zionist regime has caused concern among different players around the globe, including the Arab states because the world public opinion is witnessing what is going on in reality.