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Palestinian Detainee Abu Hamid Transferred to Hospital as Health Deteriorates

Palestinian Detainee Abu Hamid Transferred to Hospital as Health Deteriorates
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By Staff, Agencies

The Palestinian Prisoner's Club announced that prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid has been urgently transferred to a hospital after his health condition seriously deteriorated.

The Palestinian prisoner's club announced on Tuesday that prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid was urgently transferred from Ramle Prison to the hospital, following a very serious deterioration in his health condition.

On Monday, the family of prisoner Abu Hamid said that their son is dying in the occupation prisons, stressing that "the Palestinian Foreign Ministry is failing to follow up his case."

"Pressure must be increased on the occupation government to comply with humanitarian law and release Nasser so that his mother can see him during his last days", and so that, "his Resisting spirit can ascend to its creator in peace," as the family said.

Nasser's family announced that they had decided to escalate the popular campaign for his release.

Nasser has been suffering from lung cancer for about a year, and due to the lack of proper medical examinations and treatment by the occupation, his condition deteriorated significantly as he drifted into a coma for many days before starting chemotherapy began, however, it was too late since he has already reached a "hopeless" state.

Earlier, an ‘Israeli’ occupation court canceled the hearing for Nasser’s early release, which was scheduled for September 18.

His brother, Naji, stated that Nasser is dying slowly as a result of medical negligence, pointing out that the latest medical report calling for his immediate release was neglected by the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces.

The occupation arrested Nasser for the first time at the age of 11, followed by four arrests, the latest of which was in April of 2002 after he took part in an operation that led to the death of seven settlers, to which he was sentenced to seven life terms in prison in addition to an extra 50 years.

Nasser Abu Hamid has spent more than 30 years in occupation prisons so far. His family home has been demolished five times by the occupation, as his mother was prevented from visiting him for years, and he was unable to attend his father's funeral that died while Nasser was in prison. However, despite all the occupation's attempts to break his spirit, Abu Hamid rejected a proposal made by his lawyer to "request a pardon from the prime minister of the occupation government in order to release him."