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Sayyed Safieddine Urges the Lebanese to Avoid the US Policies Had They Wanted to Rescue their Nation

Sayyed Safieddine Urges the Lebanese to Avoid the US Policies Had They Wanted to Rescue their Nation
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By Al-Ahed News

Chief of Hezbollah Executive Council His Eminence Sayyed Hashem Safieddine underlined that “The US is sacrificing Europe and the future of Europe in favor of its interests, and had got Ukraine involved in a war to save its interests while it is running this struggle from afar.”

In a ceremony during which the “Jihad of Clarification” book that compiles Leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei’s words on the topic was launched, Sayyed Safieddine emphasized that “Some officials have to stop following the US policies that lead to dangerous slips and don’t serve Lebanon’s interests.”

The senior Hezbollah official further called on the Lebanese people to refrain from the fake US promises that didn’t bring Lebanon but calamities and blockade, reminding them that since the 1950s and until today, the US haven’t been intervening in Lebanon but to destroy and sow discord among the Lebanese people to achieve its goals.

“Had you wanted to rescue your nation, you have to refrain from the US policies that don’t lead but to very dangerous slips,” the Hezbollah official advised.

On the level of the US desire and efforts to bring a Lebanese president according to their interests, Sayyed Safieddine noted that “This could have happened in the past but in this time it will never.”

His Eminence further elaborated on the evidence on the righteousness of our cause, which is “The US hostility towards us, which is a source of pride for us,” adding that Hezbollah “has been confronting the US dominance over our nation since its beginnings.”

As for the maritime border demarcation issue, Sayyed Safieddine cited the Zionist confusion and chaos in this regard, saying “This would never have happened hadn’t been for the resistance and its stance.”