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Source: Senior Indonesian Official on Secret Visit to “Israeli” Entity

Source: Senior Indonesian Official on Secret Visit to “Israeli” Entity
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By Staff, Agencies

A senior official from Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country, arrived in the “Israeli”-occupied Palestinian territories on a secret visit, a source revealed on Monday.

Indonesia holds no diplomatic ties with the “Israeli” entity.

In early 2022, a high-ranking Foreign Ministry official confirmed during a briefing that the “Israeli” entity and Indonesia were working behind the scenes toward normalizing relations, with the United States acting as a mediator.

Last August, an “Israeli” delegation of investors, and technology and trade specialists visited Indonesia. The volume of direct and indirect trade between the "Israeli" entity and Indonesia stands at approximately $500 million per year.

According to the source, a delegation from Pakistan, which also doesn't have official ties with Tel Aviv, was visiting the entity as well.

Four members of the nine-men delegation live in the South Asian country while the others are prominent Americans of Pakistani origin, as well as a British Pakistani imam.

Nasim Ashraf, a former development minister and former Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Council, headed the delegation.

A journalist from a Karachi news station was also part of the delegation. Other members preferred to keep their identities secret.

The delegation conducted tours around the occupied territories on the themes of geopolitics, history and religion, heritage, culture, and technology, with an emphasis on water management technologies. The delegation is scheduled to meet with the entity’s so-called President Isaac Herzog in al-Quds [Jerusalem] later this week.

Pakistan and the “Israeli” entity do not have diplomatic relations. However, earlier this year, Tel Aviv took part in a large-scale naval exercise in the Red Sea led by the US 5th Fleet alongside Pakistan and a number of other countries with which it has no diplomatic ties, including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Comoros, Djibouti, Somalia, and Yemen.

The “Israeli” entity attaches particular strategic importance to Pakistan as it is the only Muslim country with operational nuclear capabilities and due to its shared border with Iran.