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When ‘Israel’ is Pissed off All ‘Mistakes’ Are Made on Purpose!

When ‘Israel’ is Pissed off All ‘Mistakes’ Are Made on Purpose!
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By Zeinab Abdallah

‘Israel’ claims that the UNIFIL serves as Hezbollah ‘human shield’; but it is either a Hezbollah shield or a human shield given that the group is a military one.

A couple of days ago, the Jerusalem Post was campaigning "to prevent UNIFIL serving as Hezbollah’s “Human Shield” in a potential devastating conflict."

Combining both terms either means that the Resistance group is measured by its people who embrace it as a choice, an ideology, and a defender, or means that those selecting the term are anxious and confused enough not to be able to differentiate between the shield regular people need in case of a war and the techniques a giant regional and skillful power like Hezbollah would deploy in any confrontation to protect its weapons and personnel alike.

In either option, Hezbollah remains weighty within its environment.

‘Israel’, however, would never be in a place to evaluate humanity. The child-killing regime that has been massacring families and wiping out entire households to avenge its consecutive defeats in the military confrontations against the resistance groups in Lebanon and Palestine is in no position to decide whether the UNIFIL is a ‘human’ or at least a ‘shield’ for Hezbollah and its people.

Amid the heightened tensions over the demarcation of the maritime border in the Qana and the disputed Karish gas fields, the scenario of an imminent military confrontation looms, bringing to one’s mind, before anything else, the numerous ‘Israeli’ massacres committed against civilians. Those massacres amount to war crimes, international crimes, and crimes against humanity.

Historical Flashback: April 1996, July 2006 and in Between

During the Zionist regime’s aggression on Lebanon in 1996, dubbed “Grapes of Wrath,” ‘Israeli’ warplanes fired artillery shells at a United Nations compound belonging to the Fiji force on April 18. More than 106 men, women, and children lost their lives in this ferocious attack. 116 others sustained critical injuries. All civilians who fell victim of this massacre sought refuge in the UNIFIL’s headquarters, but even the international mission wasn’t spared in this attack.

‘Israel’ claimed the attack was carried out ‘by mistake’, although everybody knows that it was on purpose.

The ‘Israeli’ massacres multiplied, and the snowball effect of the Tel Aviv regime’s criminality started enlarging. The sole difference was that it was not as white as snow, but as red as blood!

Days have passed until July the 30th, when 50 people were martyred and injured in the ‘Israeli’ bombardment of a three-story residential building in the same southern Lebanese village, Qana, where number of the displaced people sought refuge in. This was in the July 2006 war on Lebanon, which the ‘Israeli’ occupiers named as “Second Lebanon War.”

As this month marks the anniversary of the end of that war, it is good to mention that this war ended up with a humiliating defeat to the ‘Israeli’ occupiers. The 33-day war ended on August 14, imposing so far 16 years of deterrence on the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces.

Mistake Me ‘Not!’

For the time being, as everyone is anticipating a possible military confrontation, ‘Israel’ would never be mistaken… whatever ‘Israel’ does is what ‘Israel’ wanted to do!

Infuriated by the UNIFIL’s ‘inaction’ towards Hezbollah’s building up of its arsenal, the Zionist regime would never hesitate to target the organization’s sites in any future war. History is a good proof in this regard, no matter how many claims about ‘shelling by mistake’ are made. The military that boasts of its aerial superiority in comparison with Hezbollah’s at the time would never carry out such strike but on purpose.

Although it achieves no military goal, committing such massacres quenches the bloodthirst of the ‘Israeli’ occupiers, and fuels much hatred to this colonial regime among true humans.

The Zionist irritation has been conveyed in several opinion pieces published by ‘Israeli’ media outlets.

One of them lamented that “Unfortunately, the past few years have seen the force turn into a growing “white elephant.” It cannot prevent Blue Line violations, it is unable to deter clear Hezbollah infractions [such as Radwan light infantry activity], and is unable to rollback what is clearly a major Hezbollah intelligence collection effort.”

Meanwhile, in a piece entitled “Hezbollah Undermines ‘Israel's’ Air Superiority in Lebanon,” Amos Harel wrote for Haaretz that “Hezbollah creates facts on the ground, provokes ‘Israel’ and collects tactical intelligence without UNIFIL being able to fulfill its mission.”

For his part, Yossi Mekelberg penned for Arab News that UNIFIL can only look on as ‘Israel’-Hezbollah tensions mount.

The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon [UNIFIL] is a UN peacekeeping mission established on 19 March 1978 by United Nations Security Council Resolutions 425 and 426, to confirm the withdrawal of the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces from Lebanon after invading it five days prior.

It is seriously alarming that the systematic propaganda against the UN mission would add fuel to the flames of hatred within the Zionist establishment. The fact rules out the possibility that in case of any military confrontation, civilians would be safe by taking refuge in UNIFIL bases if they had to. But in case they had to, the survivors among us will be certain that ‘Israel’ killed them on purpose…

‘Israel’ fears people way more than it fears Hezbollah’s arsenal. It is people that Hezbollah weighs on. They are the group's most honorable, most valuable, and purest asset to which it sacrifices everything, and for whom it is present on the forefronts to preserve their dignity and their wealth equally.