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40 Years of Hezbollah


Youths Against Normalization: Promising Lebanese Role Models Pave the Way for Eradicating ‘Israel’

Youths Against Normalization: Promising Lebanese Role Models Pave the Way for Eradicating ‘Israel’
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By Mohammad Youssef

Normalization with the ‘Israeli’ occupation enemy will never be the choice of the coming generations.

Two young Lebanese citizens, 15-year-old boxing champion Charbel Abu Daher, and chess champion Nadia Fawwaz, have dealt all those who are attempting to orchestrate normalization with the ‘Israeli’ enemy a devastating blow and lectured them on a very important lesson.

Their firm courageous position against the enemies earned them a wide reputation in Lebanon and across the Arab world for their refusal to compete in Dubai against ‘Israeli’ counterparts.

Youths Against Normalization: Promising Lebanese Role Models Pave the Way for Eradicating ‘Israel’
Chess champion Nadia Fawwaz who refused to face an 'Israeli' opponent in the Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival 2022 Round 4


Earlier this week, Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah gave a very important greeting of honor for both of them and considered their stand as an indication about the future of the relation with the ‘Israeli’ enemy.

It is evident that billions of dollars have been spent and continue to be spent to normalize the relation with the temporary entity; however, regardless of all the black propaganda to polish the image of ‘Israel,’ the natural reaction of the dominant majority of the Arabs categorically rejects having any kind of relation with the ‘Israeli’ occupation regime.

Nothing can ever whitewash the blood stained ‘Israeli’ hands and face.

Being almost the only and the worse example of aggression, repression, segregation and apartheid system in the world, nothing can beautify the image of ‘Israel’ as it is truly reflected in the collective conscience of the Arabs.

Nobody in this world has caused more suffering to people as much as the ‘Israeli’ occupiers have done to the Arabs, particularly the Palestinians.

Massacres perpetrated by the ‘Israeli’ enemy have no equal in history. The criminal record of the Tel Aviv regime cannot be eliminated from people’s awareness all over the region.

This is an indicator about the popular mood and the firm stance against any relation with the ‘Israeli’ enemy.

What is so important about this phenomenon is that it comes after years and years of world persistent efforts and heavy pressure to make the presence of the ‘Israeli’ entity something normal.

More important is that this happens among the young generation; it says it all. That all the hegemonic colonialist project in the region has failed to twist the determination of our people to resist and fight the cancerous gland represented by the ‘Israeli’ entity.

What is so positive also about the immunity of our people against the ‘Israeli’ plague is that while the governments are mistreating their people and pressuring them to normalize the relation with ‘Israel,’ they refuse this and express willingness to pay the price, no matter how dear, for this position.

A new survey that was recently conducted in the Arab Gulf countries showed that eighty percent of the population rejected any relation with the ‘Israeli’ enemy and viewed it as a criminal entity.

In conclusion, people in the region, Arabs and Muslims across the world have gained enough knowledge and awareness to recognize and deeply realize the nature of this criminal apartheid occupation entity. No other source of information, government decision, or royal directive can mislead them.

This kind of deep awareness will serve as a solid ground to build upon a very efficient and highly skilled popular resistance that will definitely contribute to the final war to eradicate this temporary illegal criminal entity and uproot it once and for all from the region.