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Resistance to Continue Until Liberating Palestine - Islamic Jihad

Resistance to Continue Until Liberating Palestine - Islamic Jihad
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By Staff, Agencies

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad resistance movement’s representative in Iran said resistance against the ‘Israeli’ occupation regime will continue until the entire Palestinian land is liberated.

“The Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement will continue to resist,” Nasser Abu-Sharif said on Wednesday, speaking at a joint press conference with Khaled al-Qaddumi, the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement’s representative in Iran, on the achievements of the latest war between the Zionist regime and the resistance in the Gaza Strip.

“The ultimate goal has not been achieved, and this resistance will continue until the complete liberation of the Palestinian land,” he said.

Abu-Sharif noted that martyrdom is not an obstacle to liberation of the Palestinian land.

He said the way Palestinian resistance and nation respond to the ‘Israeli’ occupation regime has evolved and progressed over the years.

“It is true that we lost two of our senior commanders, Khaled al-Mansour and Tayseer al-Jaabari, and this is a great loss, but the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement is an organized movement that can replace these martyred commanders,” he added.

Abu-Sharif was making a reference to a wave of ‘Israeli’ airstrikes on the Gaza Strip that began on August 5 and lasted for three consecutive days, in which dozens of Palestinians, including 17 children and top members of Islamic Jihad, were martyred. Hundreds more were also injured during the ‘Israeli’ aggression.

In response to the ‘Israeli’ onslaught on Gaza, Islamic Jihad fired hundreds of rockets at the ‘Israeli’-occupied territories, prompting the regime in Tel Aviv to accept an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire.