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Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman to Al-Ahed: The Enemy is Waging A Multifaceted War

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman to Al-Ahed: The Enemy is Waging A Multifaceted War
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By Mokhtar Haddad

Tehran - As the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon marked the fortieth anniversary of its founding and the divine victory in the July 2006 war, Al-Ahed News sat down with the spokesman for Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nasser Kanaani.

Kanaani congratulated Lebanon’s people, resistance, and the government. He expressed special praise for Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.  

“The victory of July 2006 turned into a model of pride and strength for the resistance in the face of the occupation. It was a turning point for the Islamic and popular resistance in Palestine and a driving force for the march of resistance against the occupation in the Palestinian territories,” Kanaani said. 

He further stated: “There is no doubt that the Zionist apartheid regime has no destiny but defeat, and it has no choice but collapse.”

“Despite the normalization of ties between some Arab/Islamic governments and the Zionist entity and the deliberate neglect of their national interests, the majority of the people in the region and many in the world see the Zionist entity as an embodiment of aggression, occupation, racism, and the sowing of sedition more than ever before, and they have hatred for this usurping entity.”

According to Kanaani, "the developments in recent days and weeks, the brutal ‘Israeli’ attacks on Gaza and its crimes against civilians, including women, children, serve as additional evidence of the brutal and aggressive behavior of the Zionist occupation. The anti-human nature of this entity was further exposed.”  

Kanaani pointed out that “the sons of the resistance and the mujahideen in Palestine and the resistance factions have realized that the only way to liberate their land and end the occupation is through resistance. It is not possible through bargaining, negotiations, and dialog with an usurping entity, which is founded on aggression, crime, and usurpation of the land.”

“There has never been an occupier and aggressor in history who was willing to give up their occupation unless they faced a stronger deterrent force.”

In parallel, the Iranian official hinted that “Today, with the blessing of the resistance model, the sacred goal of liberating Palestine will be achieved, and the honorable Al-Quds is closer to us than any other time. The Islamic and popular resistance today has turned into a successful model in fighting the aggressors, occupiers, and takfiri terrorism supported by world powers. This experience has proven its effectiveness in countries such as Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.”

Kanaani stressed that “the Islamic resistance offers a great opportunity for the peoples and governments of the region and will never turn into a threat, even though the enemy is trying to cloud this reality.”

In this context, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman warns of a “multifaceted war.”  

“The Zionist entity and its well-known supporters have realized their weakness and understand the strength of the resistance front. In an effort to reverse their deteriorating strength, they resorted to a multifaceted war in the economic, propaganda, and psychological fields, while spreading strife. They are using the media dictatorship empire now more than ever before,” Kanaani explains. 

He concluded his conversation with Al-Ahed by underscoring the need for a greater degree of “intelligence and wisdom in confronting the enemy's multifaceted war, and without any doubt the future belongs to the peoples of the region."