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Palestinian Killed by IOF Who Broke into Family Home in WB

Palestinian Killed by IOF Who Broke into Family Home in WB
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By Staff, Agencies

A Palestinian man identified as Muhammad al-Shaham was shot in the head and killed by the “Israeli” Occupation Forces [IOF] troops on Monday morning after they stormed his house in the town of Kafr Aqab, north of occupied East al-Quds [Jerusalem].

In a statement, the IOF said Shaham, 21, died of his injuries in an “Israeli” hospital, a few hours after the incident.

Ibrahim al-Shaham said his son was hit by a direct bullet to the head and that the soldiers left him to bleed inside the house for about 40 minutes before removing him from the house.

The IOF accused Shaham of trying to stab the soldiers during the storming of the house.

Ibrahim denied the army's claims that his son had tried to stab them, and said that after the army blew open the door of the house at 3.30am, it suddenly opened fire on the family.

Footage from surveillance cameras in the area showed soldiers carrying Shaham's apparently dead body to a military vehicle.

Ibrahim said the killing in front of his family was similar to other killings carried out by the “Israeli” entity in the past few days in Nablus.

He said that the soldiers collected the canisters they had fired at his son before withdrawing from the house.

Shaham's father also said the army searched the house and destroyed its contents.

Shaham's death is the latest example of an escalation of violence undertaken by the IOF against Palestinians during the storming of their homes.

The Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the killing of Shaham, describing it as a heinous crime and the latest in a series of executions and field assassinations committed by the IOF under instructions from the political level.

It said it would follow up the death at all levels, especially the International Criminal Court, the Human Rights Council and other legal levels of the United Nations, in the context of its continuous efforts to put an end to the entity’s impunity for its actions.

Hussein Al-Sheikh, the Secretary General of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, said that Shaham's killing required an urgent international investigation.