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’Unity of the Battlefields’: The Islamic Jihad Alone Humiliates ’Israel’, Shapes the Bitterer Future

’Unity of the Battlefields’: The Islamic Jihad Alone Humiliates ’Israel’, Shapes the Bitterer Future
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By Mohammad Youssef

The criminal ‘Israeli’ assassination of a Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader was the reason behind the recent confrontation between the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces and the resistance movement in Gaza.

The ‘Israelis’ were testing their capabilities of isolating the movement and dealing a devastating blow that would undermine the group and pave the way to eliminate it; nonetheless, their calculations proved wrong and all their ambitions were futile.

The Islamic Jihad’s steadfastness, efficiency, and readiness to go into a long battle has put the ‘Israeli’ enemy into shame.

Although the ‘Israelis’ assassinated two of the movement’s prominent leaders, this did not change anything in the battlefield.

The Islamic Jihad continued to launch rockets against the ‘Israeli’ occupation’s settlements.

The major ‘Israeli’-occupied cities, mainly Tel Aviv, came under barrage of missiles from Gaza. The rockets and shells continued to fall till the last moment before the Egyptian-brokered ceasefire came into effect.

Why did the ‘Israelis’ start this battle?

It is evident that the ‘Israelis’ are in a bad shape politically, when their political system comes into a stalemate or a deadlock they use the Palestinians as blood cards to help one ‘Israeli’ party or another to tap the balance in the race for elections.

The ‘Israelis’ attempted to plant a wedge among the resistance movements by saying they are only targeting Islamic Jihad leaders and not Hamas. However, Hamas movement was in full readiness to respond and join the Islamic Jihad in its battle had the situation required this.

The ‘Israelis’ thought they would send a message to blackmail Lebanon and mainly Hezbollah to pressure it to accept what they have put on the table vis-à-vis the maritime problem with Lebanon.

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned the ‘Israelis’ not to commit any mistake or to fall into their miscalculations with the Islamic Resistance.

The resistance leader asserted the full readiness of the party’s fighters to defend Lebanon. He directed his speech to the Lebanese people and to the ‘Israeli’ enemy. His Eminence reiterated the recent formula that without Lebanon being able to extract gas and oil, the ‘Israeli’ enemy would not be able to do so, because the Islamic resistance has taken the decision to prevent the ‘Israelis’ from this.

As a result of this new battle in Gaza, the Islamic Jihad and all the Palestinian resistance factions have proved their steadfastness and unity.

The situation did not exacerbate to a place where Hamas or other resistance factions were needed to intervene.

The Islamic Jihad with its last barrage of rockets showering the Zionist settlements made a magnificent show of strength against the enemy.

Hezbollah also has set its redlines for the ‘Israelis’ not to trespass. The ‘Israelis’ have confessed their military escalations and assassinations did not do them any good.

A new chapter is on the making now, it is a chapter of victory and triumph written by the resistance. The ‘Israeli’ enemy is being humiliated and will continue to be until the last battle that will fully devastate the ‘Israelis’ and totally defeat them.