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Political Segment of Sayyed Nasrallah’s Speech on the 9th Night of Ashura Commemorations

Political Segment of Sayyed Nasrallah’s Speech on the 9th Night of Ashura Commemorations
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Translated By Al-Ahed News

Excerpts from Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech on the eve of the ninth day of Muharram | 6-8-2022

I reiterate Hezbollah’s condolences to the leadership of the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine and to the families of the martyrs on the martyrdom of leader Tayseer al-Jabari and his martyred brothers, both young and old, who were killed in the latest aggression. We ask God Almighty to accept them among the martyrs and the righteous.

What happened in Gaza is a clear, open, and “Israeli” initiated aggression. Nothing came out of Gaza for it to say I responded to Gaza, as it usually does. No, this is an “Israeli” initiated aggression, and what happened is a deliberate crime. Every honorable person in this world must condemn it, and everyone who is silent about this crime is condemned. This crime must be denounced and should not be tolerated, as many countries in the world and many Arab regimes have remained silent.

On the other hand, it is the right of the Palestinian people, the Palestinian resistance, and the jihad movement to respond to this attack with the means, methods, time, and place they see fit. This is their decision; this is their right, and every honorable person in the world must support this right. No one should question this right because remaining silent about this crime, especially since this is the first assassination in a long time, will open the doors for the assassinations of other leaders, cadres, and people in Gaza . The enemy will dare do this again. Therefore, the response of the resistance must be supported by everyone, at the very least, morally, politically, and via the media. This right must be supported and not questioned.

We in Hezbollah are following up on what is happening on an hourly basis. We are in constant communication with our dear brothers in the leadership of the Islamic Jihad movement. We are also communicating with our brothers in the leadership of Hamas and the rest of the Palestinian factions. We believe that the resistance will have the upper hand in this battle. It is clear that the enemy always makes wrong assessments. We have heard statements of intimidation from the enemy against the resistance in Palestine and the resistance in Lebanon because it is bombing Gaza and addressing Lebanon. However, it is mistaken in its assessment.

First, when they killed this leader, they probably estimated that Gaza would not respond and that the Islamic Jihad movement would not respond due to the difficult circumstances, the siege, the harsh conditions, and the prevailing climate. Here, it miscalculated. It also miscalculated when it imagined that it could intimidate the resistance fighters and the people of Gaza after all these experiences and the wars it waged on Gaza. Likewise, when it addresses Lebanon, “Israel” is miscalculating if it thinks that it can intimidate us by sending us messages. They also have extensive experience with us, and the resistance has always been on the lookout. I tell them, as is happening with you today in Gaza, do not miscalculate with Lebanon.

Everything you do and say will never affect our will, our morals, or our decisions. We trust in our God; we trust in ourselves; we trust in our strength; and we trust in your weakness and cowardice. I advise the enemy who is sending these messages to stop doing so because it should not expect the resistance in Lebanon to remain silent regarding any aggression or any derogation from our rights. This is not possible.

Amid all the psychological warfare and threats, the latest threats were made by [“Israel’s”] Minister of Finance in the caretaker government. If the Minister of Agriculture threatened, we’d say he has a mattock, for example, but it is the Minister of Finance who’s threatening to wipe out the southern suburbs.

You can say what you want, and I will not respond to this threat because time will show, and you know that the resistance today is more powerful than ever before.

Regarding Gaza, the next few days and hours will prove that you miscalculated because the Islamic Jihad responded yesterday and is still continuing with this response until things reach a certain conclusion.

Regardless of the result, this battle will reach in a few hours or days – it is expected that international and regional parties will not allow the battle to develop further for many reasons other than humanitarian ones – what happened proves the Palestinian deterrence in the face of the “Israelis.” If they remained silent about the killing of the martyr, “Israel” would have continued the killing of leaders and martyrs. This is part of stabilizing the balance of deterrence, and this will certainly be a victory for the resistance in Palestine.

In any case, we are in contact with them. We will continue following up and communicating, and we will know where this is heading in the coming hours and days.