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No Redlines in the Islamic Jihad’s Response to the Zionist Aggression – SG

No Redlines in the Islamic Jihad’s Response to the Zionist Aggression – SG
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By Staff

Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad resistance movement Ziad al-Nakhala underlined that there is no room for truce after the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip, emphasizing that all of the Palestinian people’s fighters should stand along each other, and affirming that the resistance will be united.

Nahkala then added that the Palestinian people will prove that they can meet the responsibility of confronting this aggression, stressing that the choice is confrontation and the outcome of this war will, by God’s willing, be in favor of the Palestinian people, while the settlers will suffer the pain.

“We expect victory by God’s willing. Certainly, there are nor redlines when it comes to the Islamic Jihad’s response to this aggression,” he said, noting that “Today we are in front of a true test against this aggression, and the Palestinian people and resistance must respons to this attack with might and capabilities.”

The Islamic Jihad SG addressed all the forces of resistance that they must be fighting as one body with a clear and sole purpose of breaking this aggression.

“We won’t retreat. We will advance and sacrifice our blood, all power, efforts, and weapons in this battle,” Nakhala underscored, stressing that the resistance will go far until the end of this battle.

“We won’t hesitate for a moment to respond to this aggression, and we ask Allah for victory and empowerment,” he concluded.

Hamas, for its part, pointed to that the Zionist enemy is the one that started the escalation against the resistance in Gaza, and committed yet another crime that it has to pay for and whose full responsibility it must shoulder.

Hamas Spokesman Fawzi Barhoum stressed that all military wings and factions of the Palestinian resistance are united in this battle and will have their say strongly. “It is no more acceptable to keep the situation as it is.”

“The daring resistance will defend our people in the Gaza Strip with all what it has. It will balance the deterrence and keep chasing the aggression until it defeats it as it did in all battles and in every field,” Barhoum said as he called on all battlefields to open fire on the Zionist enemy and its settlers.