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Lebanon to Impose Conditions, Restrictions from the Position of Strength – Hezbollah

Lebanon to Impose Conditions, Restrictions from the Position of Strength – Hezbollah
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By Al-Ahed News

Member of Hezbollah’s Central Council Sheikh Nabil Qaouk stressed that “Lebanon won’t be a field for normalization neither today, nor tomorrow, nor the days after; rather it is the nation of resistance, victory, and dignity.”

Lebanon won’t recognize the Zionist entity, which is illegitimate and temporary. Lebanon believes in al-Quds and Palestine, and this is the difference between us and those calling for normalization, the Hezbollah official underlined.

Asking whether the Lebanese recruits in the ‘Israeli’ occupation military sites in Shebaa Farms and Kfarshouba Hills, who wear the ‘Israeli’ uniforms and carry the ‘Israeli’ weapons, are Lebanese indeed? Sheikh Qaouk said “We don’t expect to be treated fairly by those who fought alongside the ‘Israelis’ in 1982,” affirming that the Resistance is the one that shapes the scene and protects Lebanon and its identity, the identity of a resisting Lebanon.”

With respect to those willing to change Lebanon’s position, identity, and role, and make it ride the wave of normalization like some Arabs, the Hezbollah official termed such efforts as miscalculations as Lebanon is at the forefront of Resistance, as well as in defending Palestine and confronting normalization with the enemy.

Sheikh Qaouk further underlined that “The equation of the Resistance has changed the rules of the struggle against the ‘Israeli’ enemy, as Lebanon before the Resistance was the weakest in confronting the enemy, while today it turned to be in the strongest position.”

He also noted that “The ‘Israeli’ enemy admits that the strongest Arab army in the region is Lebanon’s Hezbollah.”

Pointing to that after a month of the biggest ‘Israeli’ military exercise ever, the outcome the Zionist government has learned indicates that the occupation’s military is unprepared for confronting fighting Hezbollah, Sheikh Qaouk praised this as an equation that makes the nation proud and places Lebanon in the position of the strongest in the region.

“Lebanon will reclaim all its rights and all its oil and gas wealth,” he reiterated, emphasizing that “Lebanon is in the position of strength. It is the one that imposes the conditions and the restrictions and not the enemy.”

Sheikh Qaouk also made clear that “The actual standard upon which reclaiming rights and wealth is measured is when the companies start drilling and extracting. Elsewhere, the Resistance keeps up readiness and preparedness to reclaim those rights.”

“The enemy knows very well that the Resistance is very serious [in its threats]. The enemy is aware that the one who set the equation of liberating the wealth and reclaiming rights [Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah] is a person whose promises are truthful,” the Hezbollah official concluded.