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Iran Vows Firm, Swift Reaction to US’ New Sanctions

Iran Vows Firm, Swift Reaction to US’ New Sanctions
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By Staff, Agencies

Describing the White House’s addiction to sanctions as a characteristic of the US government, the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry said Tehran will show a vigorous and immediate response to the fresh sanctions that reveal Washington’s hypocrisy.

In a statement on Monday night, Nasser Kanani condemned the fresh unilateral sanctions that the US has imposed to target international trade with Iran.

“The White House’s addiction to sanctions and instrumental use of them is an indicator of the US’ hegemonic system, as the change of administrations in that country would not make any difference in their approaches,” he added.

Kanani said while the Biden administration’s officials have repeatedly criticized Trump’s policy of maximum pressure as a failed and futile plan, they have practically followed and even promoted that failed policy.

The Biden administration has not abandoned the fruitless and destructive policy of sanctions even amid the ongoing efforts at the resumption of negotiations for the US’ return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action [JCPOA], the spokesman deplored.

“Firstly, the Islamic Republic of Iran will show a firm, vigorous and immediate response to the White House’s insistence on the continuation of imposition of sanctions, and, secondly, it will make all necessary arrangements to nullify the possible adverse effects of such sanctions on the country’s trade and economy,” Kanaani stated.

He also said that the US’ new sanctions in a situation that the Iranian people have sustained severe damages caused by floods clearly reveals the special US envoy for Iran’s hypocrisy and his fake condolences to Iranians.

On Monday, the US issued fresh sanctions on Iran, this time targeting Chinese and other companies it said were used by one of Iran’s largest petrochemical brokers to facilitate the sale of tens of millions of dollars’ worth of Iranian petroleum and petrochemical products from Iran to East Asia.

A statement from the US Treasury Department has claimed that the Iranian Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industry Commercial Co [PGPICC] exploited the designated businesses to sell Iranian oil and petrochemical goods to East Asia.