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Hezbollah Forces ‘Israel’ To Retreat: Lapid Wants Agreement on Maritime Borders as Soon as Possible

Hezbollah Forces ‘Israel’ To Retreat: Lapid Wants Agreement on Maritime Borders as Soon as Possible
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By Staff, Agencies

In a clear sign of retreat after Hezbollah sent drones to the disputed Karish Field and its Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s stern warnings, the Zionist regime’s Prime Minister, Yair Lapid revealed to the US Envoy Amos Hochstein the ‘Israeli’ occupation entity’s desire to reach an agreement regarding the dispute on the maritime borders with Lebanon as soon as possible.

According to ‘Israeli’ Walla! news website, this confession is linked to the warnings that have been released by Hezbollah about targeting the Karish platform southern the Mediterranean Sea, upon which the negotiations are held.

“The US and ‘Israel’ are worried that Hezbollah’s activities would hinder the attempts to reach a deal,” Walla! added.

On the sidelines of his meeting with US President Joe Biden last week, Lapid held brief talks with Hochstein to whom he expressed the ‘Israeli’ desire to reach a deal as soon as possible.

For his part, Hochstein claimed in remarks to Lapid and the ‘Israeli’ entity’s so-called energy minister, Karen Harrer, that he is optimistic about reaching a deal in the near future.

According to Zionist officials, Hochstein is expected to arrive in Beirut within the next two weeks for another round of indirect talks on the maritime border demarcation file.

Hezbollah has recently stepped up its warning to the Zionist occupation entity over Lebanon’s border dispute, after the ‘Israeli’ regime moved a natural gas drilling vessel into the Karish field in the disputed area.

Hezbollah sent three unarmed drones toward the Karish platform some three weeks ago, and intended to keep the aerial mission there until the vehicles were targeted by the Zionist military, which Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah explained last week that the aim was to show the engineers operating on the platform the fire and to make them feel their zone of functioning as unsafe one.

Sayyed Nasrallah further warned that drones sent at the Karish gas field were “only the beginning,” and that Hezbollah will not let the ‘Israeli’ occupation entity to extract the occupied Palestine’s gas and oil as long as Lebanon is not benefiting from its resources.