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Lavrov: US, UK Seek Real War between Russia and Europe

Lavrov: US, UK Seek Real War between Russia and Europe
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By Staff, Agencies 

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned on Wednesday that “The US and UK want to escalate the Russia-Ukraine conflict into a larger confrontation between Moscow and Europe.” 

“Our US and British colleagues… with the support from the Germans, Poles, and the Baltic states, very much want to make this war a real war, pitting Russia against European countries,” Lavrov said, speaking to RT.

The Western governments are “literally holding Ukraine back from any constructive steps” towards a peace settlement, Lavrov argued. They are not only “flooding” the country with weapons, but “forcing” Ukraine to use them more brazenly, he added.

Lavrov said that the US and Britain are “benefiting” from the conflict between Russia and Europe because the economies of the EU countries are bearing the brunt of the sanctions. 

He added that the US has been acting “irresponsibly” by stoking tensions with Russia.