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West Heightens Risk of WWIII by Delivering Weapons to Ukraine

West Heightens Risk of WWIII by Delivering Weapons to Ukraine
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By Staff, Agencies

The West risks transforming the conflict in Ukraine into World War III by ramping up its arms supplies to Ukraine, a German lawmaker warned.

"The deliveries of increasingly heavy weapons to Ukraine in ever greater numbers, as well as the training of Ukrainian service personnel, heighten the risk of the war spilling over into World War III," Sevim Dagdelen, a member of the Left Party, told The Global Times on Monday.

This concern is shared by two thirds of the German population, the MP said in her interview.

"So, we are not isolated at all in this question," the Chinese newspaper quoted Dagdelen as saying. According to her, the UK and the US are "putting faith in a proxy war and a war of attrition."

"The aim is to weaken Russia on the long term; and to achieve that, the West is willing to accept tens of thousands of deaths and unending suffering, as well as the destruction of Ukraine," she told the Chinese daily.

The longer the conflict in Ukraine lasts, the more terrible will be the consequences globally, Dagdelen warned. "We need serious diplomatic efforts in pursuit of a negotiated solution," she concluded.