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‘Israel’ To Be Sole Loser of Any New Aggression Against Gaza – IJ

‘Israel’ To Be Sole Loser of Any New Aggression Against Gaza – IJ
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By Staff, Agencies

Palestine’s Islamic Jihad resistance movement warned the ‘Israeli’ occupation regime against attempting any new round of aggression against the Palestinian enclave.

“The threats issued by the rulers of the occupying regime are hollow. They know this well that any new aggression against the Gaza Strip will not be easy [for them],” Islamic Jihad official Ahmad al-Mudallal said.

“‘Israel’ is going to be the sole loser of such offensive because it cannot take the resistance’s [counter]attacks,” he added.

The Islamic Jihad official made the remarks after the Zionist regime's caretaker Prime Minister Yair Lapid alleged that Tel Aviv would “respond swiftly and forcefully” to any projectile or incendiary balloon that could be fired or sent towards the occupied territories from the direction of Gaza.

Mudallal said the ‘Israeli’ premier was issuing such threats in line with his electoral hopes. Lapid, he said, was trying to endear himself to the “extremist and Zionist” voters ahead of the elections in November.

The Palestinian official hailed the resistance’s performance during the last ‘Israeli’ war on Gaza as a “new stage in the annals of confrontation against the Zionist enemy.”

The ‘Israeli’ occupation regime launched its last war against the coastal sliver last May only to be faced with the resistance’s intensified response, which saw it firing around 4,000 rockets towards the occupied territories.

Operation ‘al-Quds Sword’ forced the occupying regime to revisit its battlefield strategy and plead with the resistance for a ceasefire agreement.

The operation, Mudallal said, proved that the resistance was “in possession of combat experience and competence, and can create serious concern for the regime.”

“The resistance’s forces are in a state of constant readiness to respond to any violation by the Zionists,” he said, adding, “Previous battles have proven this well.”