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Exercise App Breach Allows Surveillance of “Israeli” Soldiers, Reveals IOF Bases

Exercise App Breach Allows Surveillance of “Israeli” Soldiers, Reveals IOF Bases
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By Staff, Agencies

Nearly 100 “Israeli” Occupation Forces [IOF] officers and military officials had their personal details revealed in a security breach in the Strava exercise app, which also disclosed locations of secret army bases.

The breach was discovered by the “Israeli" open source investigative group FakeReporter and was reported to the entity’s government, according to Haaretz.

Compromised data included names, photos and movements of the officers who used a popular running and hiking app, as well as locations of sensitive military sites in the “Israeli” entity, such as Mossad headquarters, secret army, air force and intelligence bases.

Among the bases with details exposed were those of the “Israel” Air Force at Palmahim and Ramat David; among the Military Intelligence bases was Glilot and another near al-Quds [Jerusalem]. Among the soldiers exposed were over 50 from Palmahim, including officers from an elite unit, and some who also ran routes near Dimona, the site of the entity’s nuclear reactor.

The disinformation watchdog, that received a tip on a loophole in Strava's privacy settings, revealed that a fake user took advantage of the breach by disclosing identities of soldiers who run near sensitive military locations and creating a database of army sites. The user called Ez Shl was later removed after FakeReporter informed Strava and “Israeli” authorities.

“We take matters of privacy very seriously and have addressed the reported issues,” Strava was quoted as responding to the security breach.