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Expert Advises Tel Aviv to Prepare For a Rise in Cyberattacks

Expert Advises Tel Aviv to Prepare For a Rise in Cyberattacks
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By Staff, Agencies

Cyberattacks on the ‘Israeli’ entity will expand exponentially once the Ukraine war fades from the headlines, former top government cyber official and current Konfidas CEO Ram Levi said in a recent interview.

“They will [escalate] continuing to try to hack. There was a [relative] slowdown in hacking because Russia has been focused on the war. But after, they will attack even more aggressively again.”

The expert referenced specific Russian plans to jump the level of its attacks on the West and that this escalation “could hurt us [‘Israel’] a lot,” said Levi.

Levi was questioned about whether ‘Israel’ has improved sufficiently since the mega hacks and attempted hacks against its water sector, medical sector, aircraft sector, Shirbit, Cyberserve-Atraf and others by Black Shadow, Moses Staff and other sides over the last two years.

“We didn’t improve enough. Most attacks are characterized by attacks on small businesses, which are harder to defend. Cyberdefense costs lots of money. Defenses didn’t get much better. There is a gap between what is enough money to defend properly versus what small businesses are willing to spend. Even now, it is not getting better,” he warned.

“Small businesses still think they won’t be attacked,” he said. “We do crisis management at Konfidas. Each individual CEO asks: ‘Why did they attack me?’ We need to explain that they were attacked because of money, or because they were exceptionally vulnerable” and easy to pick off without much of an investment.

With the Tel Aviv regime hit by multiple new cyberattacks this past week, the idea that a major new escalation could be right around the corner will ensure that Levi and others have many late cyber event nights ahead of them.