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IRG Chief: ‘Israel’ Will Soon Be Eliminated from World Map

IRG Chief: ‘Israel’ Will Soon Be Eliminated from World Map
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By Staff

Islamic Revolution Guard [IRG] Chief Commander Major General Hossein Salami stressed during the International Quds Day speech in the Iranian capital city of Tehran that “the Zionist entity will soon be eliminated from the world map.”

As he hailed the International Quds Day as the immortal heritage of Imam Khomeini, Salami slammed the arrogant powers that implanted the “Israeli” entity in the region while the American and British policies continue to protect it.

“Imam Khomeini managed to revive Palestine and al-Quds out of oblivion and changed the geography of Palestine, engraving it in the hearts of Muslims,” the IRG chief said.

While he lashed out at the normalizing alliances with the oppressors that neither bring the Palestinians peace nor security, Major General Salami praised Lieutenant General Martyr Qassem Soleimani’s success in organizing the resistance fronts and expanding the confrontation with the “Israeli” regime.

Additionally, the top military commander cautioned that wounding one Palestinian is costly to “Israel” as the Palestine resistance is now well-armed.

“One Palestinian at one night managed to embarrass the entire “Israeli” security establishment,” he added in reference to martyred hero Raad Hazem who carried out a heroic operation in Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Street.

Before he concluded his speech, the IRG chief addressed the ‘Israeli’ occupiers by saying: “You’re facing your social collapse and you’re fully aware that the failing US is no more able to protect you. You know that our response is fast and any fault will cost you a lot.”

“The enemy knows nothing but the logic of power,” Major General Salami concluded.