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Resistance Leaders from Al-Quds Platform: ‘Israeli’ Regime to be Wiped Out

Resistance Leaders from Al-Quds Platform: ‘Israeli’ Regime to be Wiped Out
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By Staff, Agencies

Muslim leaders, officials, and personalities from across the regional Axis of Resistance took to the “al-Quds Platform” to denounce the Zionist regime’s sheer escalation of violence against Palestinians in the holy occupied city of al-Quds.

The event was held on the eve of the annual International Quds Day with the aim of reiterating the constant support of Palestine and the Palestinian cause.

The speakers partook in the multinational event via video conference on Tuesday amid the occupying regime’s ramped-up daily attacks on Palestinian worshipers at the al-Aqsa Mosque’s compound in al-Quds’ Old City.

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered the closing speech, in which he affirmed that Hezbollah is part of this nation, and sets itself at the forefront of confrontation by the side of the dear brothers in the Palestinian resistance factions.

“We act from this place, we bear all the consequences, and we look forward to the day when al-Quds will return to its people and to the nation,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

“Today, we’re standing on the verge of great and final victory,” he said, declaring that the Axis of Resistance is prepared to make whatever sacrifices that are necessary to realize the prospect.

“Al-Quds is our model and goal,” he said, and urged that the Axis of Resistance be rather called “Axis of al-Quds” due to the centrality of the holy city to unity among the axis’ members.

“We and all the honorable people in this nation will perform our prayers in al-Quds, and this is a pledge from all of us. We are looking forward to the day when al-Quds will return to its people and to the nation,” Sayyed Nasrallah pledged.

Addressing the event as its first keynote speaker, Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Palestinian resistance movement Ziad al-Nakhala vowed that “We will never retreat and compromise until we achieve victory,” adding that the resistance fighters enjoyed presence across the entire Palestinian territories.

“Al-Quds is ours. Al-Quds will never bow down and surrender to aggressors, murderers, and the dregs of history,” he added.

He also hailed the approaching prospect of the International Quds Day, whereby people rally across the world in support of the Palestinian cause of liberation from ‘Israeli’ aggression and occupation. The occasion, which has been named so by the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, falls on the last Friday of Ramadan every year.

“Iran too stands by Palestine’s liberation with all its might and commitment,” Nakhalah added.

Meanwhile, the head of Hamas’ Politburo, Ismail Haniya specified the Palestinian nation’s option of choice as resistance, saying the successful Palestinian operations that had taken place throughout the occupied West Bank since the start of Ramadan had proven this.

Therefore, he added, such issues as the occupation and Palestinians’ right to return to their homeland “cannot be resolved at the negotiation table.”

Realizing this, the occupying regime began normalizing its relations with some regional states to “legitimize its existence and its designs for destruction of the Palestinian cause,” Haniya said.

“Exceeding redlines in al-Quds and al-Aqsa Mosque won’t go unanswered,” the Hamas official warned, adding that any Zionist folly would turn the struggle into a regional battle.

Meanwhile, Bahrain's leading Shia cleric Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim said the al-Aqsa Mosque and al-Quds had been afflicted with the most dangerous and savage instance of Zionist animosity, which translates into “the biggest threat to the mosque’s “holiness and divine status.”

However, ‘Israel’ is a moribund regime, “whose destiny is nothing but the dustbin of history,” he said.

Ayatollah Qassim also urged that the upcoming International Quds Day be seized upon as an opportunity, whereby “the pain suffered by al-Quds” is broadcast to the whole world.

For his part, Hadi al-Ameri, the head of Iraq’s Fatah Alliance, said the Zionist entity is demising, and as every day of the resisting Palestinian people’s suffering ends, yet another day of the end of this defeated entity approaches.

“Palestine’s occupation is an atrocity that should be stopped,” al-Ameri said, describing al-Quds’ situation as a “deep wound afflicted to the international Muslim Ummah [Nation]’s heart.”

“Iraq’s resistance groups are ready for Palestine’s liberation,” he announced, adding that the Arab country’s nation and religious authorities would stand by al-Quds and the cause of Palestine’s liberation.

Ameri urged the world’s Muslim community to “mobilize all of its might and force” in support of Palestine during the International Quds Day.

In his turn, Yemen’s Ansarullah resistance leader Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badreddine al-Houthi called defending al-Quds a Muslim duty.

“The Palestinian nation is part of the Muslim Nation and this nation should not ignore it.”

The Yemeni people, he added, stands steadfast in support of its “obvious stance of purging Palestine” of Zionist presence.

Sayyed al-Houthi also reiterated “the serious and honest adoption of the equation launched by Sayyed Nasrallah, which entails that any existential threat to al-Quds means a regional war.”

Sayyed al-Houthi stressed that the Ansarullah won’t hesitate to participate in this act of resistance with all possible capabilities, referring to the strong belief in the divine promise that the Zionist control of Palestine is temporary and is doomed to annihilation.

“The indicators of this annihilation are clear,” Sayyed al-Houthi noted.

Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine Deputy Secretary General Abu Ahmad Fuad also delivered a speech in which he noted that the “repercussions of the Arab-Zionist struggle hint to that the occupation is doomed to disappear, and the so-called ‘enemy’s state’ will be wiped out no matter what elements of power it possesses.

For his part, the Secretary General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command, Talal Naji underscored that al-Quds Day was set to preserve supporting al-Quds city and its people, in addition to their worshipping in the holy al-Aqsa Mosque.

Additionally, Leader of al-Aqsa Mosque Prayers Sheikh Ikrima Sabri stressed that the Arab normalization with the ‘Israeli’ entity won’t affect the Palestinian cause since the normalizing regimes didn’t support the Palestinian cause as required in the past.

“We don’t feel desperate due to the ongoing events as our hopes in Allah are high, and the moment of truth is very close,” Sheikh Sabri said.

For his part, Archbishop of Sebastia from the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of al-Quds, Atallah Hanna stressed that “al-Quds was and will remain for its people and the policies of colonialism and occupation in al-Quds are null, illegal and illegitimate.”

Also, the Sunni Mufti of Iraq, Sheikh Mahdi al-Sumaidai addressed the betrayers who normalized with ‘Israel’, stressing that this is a crime Allah won’t forgive, and calling on all clerics, scholars, and orators for a unified stance.