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“Israeli” Media: Hezbollah Drone Exposed Our Security, Economic Failures

“Israeli” Media:  Hezbollah Drone Exposed Our Security, Economic Failures
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By Al-Ahed News

The “Israeli” economic newspaper, Calcalist, confirmed that “F-16s, Apache helicopters and Iron Dome missiles were unable to intercept a drone that infiltrated ‘Israel’ from Lebanon.”

 “This is a security failure, and an economic one that requires the acquisition of available and cheaper interception means,” it added.

The daily further added: “Hezbollah and Hamas capabilities are well known, and they aim not only to embarrass ‘Israel’ by infiltrating its airspace, but also to form the basis for an attack using armed tools.”

According to Calcalist, the “Israeli” Air Force activated the Iron Dome battery and fired the F-16 and Apache helicopters, but it failed to damage the drone that returned to Lebanon unharmed.

“It is not just a victory in the battle of awareness, which the Secretary General of Hezbollah, [Sayyed] Hassan Nasrallah, will continue to be proud of. If the camera drone managed to film, Nasrallah will continue his round of pride.”

On another level, the daily underscored: “It is not just a military failure to intercept an enemy drone violating ‘Israeli’ airspace, it is a worrying economic failure and an ‘Israeli’ loss in the new combat economy.”

“Usually, planes and helicopters take off in pairs,” it explained noting that “The cost of an F-16 flight per hour in the US Air Force is about $22,000, while the cost of an Apache helicopter flight is about $4,000, and the cost of each Iron Dome interceptor missile, Tamir, amounts to about $50,000.”

According to the newspaper, the “Israeli” War Ministry does not publish the cost of flying hours in the “Israeli” army.

“The ‘Israeli’ Air Force spent hundreds of thousands of shekels on a failed interception. This interception will be very common in the upcoming confrontation with ‘Iranian branches’ in Lebanon and Gaza, in light of the increasing use of Iranian forces and their allies to the unmanned tools for attack and intelligence gathering.”

The daily further lamented that “The cost of a Hezbollah drone is a few thousand dollars at most.”

“The Iron Dome system has capabilities against drones, but it still lacks a real and effective lineup against it,” Calcalist concluded.