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Hacker Group Infiltrates into “Israeli” CCTVs

Hacker Group Infiltrates into “Israeli” CCTVs
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By Staff, Agencies

A hacker group known as Moses Staff said it has hacked into the closed circuit television cameras on the streets of the Palestinian territories occupied by the apartheid “Israeli” regime.

The Moses Staff group released a video on its Telegram channel on Friday morning, showing that it has hacked into the surveillance cameras in the streets of the occupied Palestine.

In a message posted on its website, titled “We see with your eyes”, the hacker group told the “Israeli” officials, “We’ve been surveillance you for many years, at every moment and on each step.”

“This is just one part of our surveillance over your activities through access to CCTV cameras,” it added.

“We had said that, we will strike you while you never would have imagined,” the hackers warned the “Israeli” entity.

In another attack in November 2021, Moses Staff conducted a massive cyberattack against the “Israeli” regime, broke into the servers of major companies, and had access to comprehensive data that could be leaked.

The group said it had targeted a number of “Israeli” firms and acquired a vast trove of critical facilities’ maps, which include information on the location and characteristics of vital systems across the occupied Palestinian territories.

The data included airborne mapping surveys with 5-centimeter [2-inch] accuracy and three-dimensional images of "Israeli" military sites and important buildings.

Moses Staff stated that the information it had was of immense significance, amid international sanctions that prevent accurate access to aerial images of critical areas inside “Israeli”-occupied Palestinian lands.

The group later released a video showing photos and maps of the Tel Aviv regime’s vital facilities.

Moses Staff stated that the footage was a striking example of accurate images that it has taken over after infiltrating into the servers of “Israeli” cyber companies.