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EXCLUSIVE: Ansarullah Threatens UAE with A Long List of Sensitive Targets, Assures Yemen’s Victory is Near

EXCLUSIVE: Ansarullah Threatens UAE with A Long List of Sensitive Targets, Assures Yemen’s Victory is Near
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By Zeinab Abdallah

{Permission to fight back is hereby granted to those being fought, for they have been wronged. And Allah is truly Most Capable of helping them prevail.} – Holy Quran, al-Hajj, 39

Beirut – While the Saudi-US-Emirati coalition of aggression against Yemen was mounting its ferocious bombardment of the Arab nation, Yemen’s resistance was building up all its capabilities and power to degrade those brutal forces and humiliate their prestige.

In less than 24 hours, the Saudi-led coalition of aggression intensified its attacks against Yemen, striking the country’s main telecommunication center in the port city of al-Hudaydah, in addition to bombing a prison in Saada. The double massacres left more than 150 people martyred and injured.

In comments on the latest developments, member of Yemen’s Ansarullah resistance movement’s politburo, Mohammad al-Bukhaiti emphasized to al-Ahed News that the target for retaliation to the recent massacres will be the UAE, noting that there is a long list of targets the resistance movement will be striking.

“The bank of targets is big,” al-Bukhaiti told al-Ahed News, adding that “the situation in the UAE is more fragile than in Saudi Arabia given that the UAE’s economy depends on sectors such as trade and tourism, which are both sensitive in case a country got involved in a military confrontation.”

Reiterating the warnings issued by Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman Brigadier General Yehya Saree that the UAE is no more a safe place neither for investment nor tourism, Mr. al-Bukhaiti explained that “Due to Ansarullah keenness on the safety of civilians and foreigners, the resistance group advises them to stay away from the possible targets such as airports and seaports used for military purposes, in addition to other sensitive sites such as oil fields, oil refineries, and oil plants.”

“There is a long list of sensitive and important targets which the Yemeni Armed Forces are working to strike in an ascending manner; although the sites that will be targeted soon could not be unveiled, but it is clear that all sites used for military purposes are within our range,” the Ansarullah official went on to explain.

In response to al-Ahed’s question about the Saudi-led coalition’s evading responsibility for bombing the prison in the northern Yemeni city of Saada, Mr. al-Bukhaiti made clear that “although the available information estimates that the UAE was behind the prison massacre, all countries of the coalition of aggression remain complicit of the repercussions of this strike, as they are fully responsible for the entire war.”

As for the international silence towards the ongoing war crimes and massacres in Yemen, the Ansarullah politburo member said the problem isn’t within the silence of the so-called international community, but rather the problem is legitimizing the aggression on Yemen and crimes and atrocities committed against the Yemeni people.

“The problem is to deny the Yemeni people’s right to defend themselves. The problem is to denounce the Yemeni people’s operations to defend themselves against this aggression. This stance by the so-called international community, which at the end of the day conveys the viewpoint of the US, ‘Israel’, and the UK, is not surprising,” al-Bukhaiti underscored.

The Ansarullah official then said, “We are not surprised by their stance for they had previously legitimized the occupation of Palestine, they denied the Palestinian people’s right to live on their land, and they linked the Palestinian resistance to terror.”

“This international community also targeted the Iraqi people under the pretext of besieging the regime of former dictator Saddam Hussein,” he added.

The Ansarullah political bureau member then lamented the fact that “We are in front of a dull and merciless enemy, represented by the US, the UK, and ‘Israel’; however, this enemy is very cunning and shrewd as it is unfortunately using Arab and Muslim tools to commit the most heinous crimes in Yemen.”

Back to the battle in Marib, Yemen’s key strategic city, al-Bukhaiti described that “Despite the attempts by the forces of aggression and their mercenaries to make field progress in Marib and Shabwah, such attempts have proved useless, thanks to Allah’s grace and the resoluteness of the Yemeni fighters amid all the unending airstrikes in the area, where the warplanes belonging to the coalition of aggression almost don’t leave the region’s airspace.”

Al-Bukhaiti finally concluded that “The mercenaries are being dealt heavy blows and human losses on a daily basis which they can’t withstand for a long period of time; hence, this is an indicator and an omen of near victory by Allah’s willing. However, the escalation of the countries of aggression will end soon.”

As the brutal war on Yemen completes seven years in March, hopes are high for the Yemenis to restore a calm life in their nation, free from foreign intervention and determined to rebuild the country that, with the steadfastness of its people, will hopefully be more beautiful than it was.

In the course of those difficult years on the Yemeni people, the Yemeni resistance was not just flexing muscles in front of the forces of aggression, but indeed scoring major achievements, the least of them was very painful on the aggressor to swallow and understand!