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US In Decline, Growing Weaker Day By Day - Raisi

US In Decline, Growing Weaker Day By Day - Raisi
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By Staff, Agencies

Iranian President Sayyed Ebrahim Raisi assured his Nicaraguan counterpart Daniel Ortega that due to the US’s declining power, his country can overcome Washington’s pressure and sanctions just as Iran did so.

Speaking to Ortega on the phone on Wednesday, Raisi reminded him that the Iranian nation did not stop its advancement in the face of the obstacles and problems that had been created by the United States among others.

“We are certain that Nicaragua too can overcome the US’ threats and sanctions given that today the US is in decline and is growing weaker day by day,” Raisi said.

The United States’ coercive measures and threats, Raisi noted, have no impact on the willpower of the world’s independent and freedom-seeking countries.

“The [international] hegemonic system cannot impose its will on the Islamic Republic and Nicaragua since the countries rely on their peoples’ votes and support, and can [therefore] stand up to hegemonic powers’ excessive demands,” he affirmed.

Ortega, for his part, likewise demanded expansion of bilateral relations in various fields.

He also expressed confidence that the countries would be capable of standing together in the face of imperialism and tread successfully down the course of advancement.

Ortega concluded his remarks by stressing that his country “stands by the Iranian nation on all international arenas.”