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‘Israeli’ Military Not Ready For War, Number of Casualties Will Be Large - Officer

‘Israeli’ Military Not Ready For War, Number of Casualties Will Be Large - Officer
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By Staff, Agencies

Major General [Reserve] in the Zionist occupation military Yitzhak Brik confirmed that the occupation army is not ready for war, noting that the number of casualties in its ranks will be large in any future war.

Additionally, the Hebrew “Mivzak” website reported that Major General Brik said that the ‘Israeli’ military was not ready for war, warning against “complacency.”

“Without popular pressure on the security and political levels, there will be no chance for anything to move for the better,” he added.

He then claimed that in an extreme scenario, the resistance movements in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Hamas in Gaza will enter the campaign and will also launch rockets, missiles and drones at ‘Israel’, so that more than 3,000 missiles and drones are launched towards central occupied territories every day.

And he added, “The number of casualties is expected to be large, in addition to the destruction of buildings and infrastructure across the country.”

He pointed out that “the ‘Israeli’ army ignored this for years.”

“A nuclear bomb will lead to terrible destruction and heavy losses for ‘Israel’,” Brik said, noting that “the increasing arrogance statements for years caused the serious situation to be ignored, and as a result, the ‘home’ front and the army were not ready for war.”

“It must be understood that Iran does not intend to drop a nuclear bomb on ‘Israel’ when it reaches such a bomb,” Brik also claimed.

He stressed that the Iranians are not stupid, and they know very well that dropping a nuclear bomb on ‘Israel’ will also lead to throwing a “nuclear bomb on their heads,” pointing out that Tehran intends to establish a nuclear balance of terror with the ‘Israeli’ entity.

“In this case, when [Iran] wages a destructive conventional war with its allies against ‘Israel,’ it can do so; it will also know that ‘Israel’ would not dare to use a nuclear weapon against Tehran if Iran had a nuclear capability,” Brik went on to say.