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After Despair of the Vienna Talks, Fear of Iran and Hezbollah Consumes “Israel”

After Despair of the Vienna Talks, Fear of Iran and Hezbollah Consumes “Israel”
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Translated by Staff, “Israeli” Media

The “Israeli” Yedioth Ahronoth said that the Zionist entity is very pessimistic about the results of the nuclear talks between Tehran and the great powers that resumed five months after their suspension, and after the inauguration of the new Iranian president Sayyed Ibrahim Raisi.

The website pointed out that the “Israeli” regime and its war ministry are seriously getting ready for the possibility of the “Israeli” entity being alone in the challenge, asserting that the entity is thinking about striking Iran.

According to a report by the “Israeli” Occupation Forces [IOF], it is doubling its readiness for the possibility of striking Iran, and this come mainly through training of the "Israeli" Air Forces and gathering data.

The report added that the so-called “Israel’s” Ministerial Committee on Civilian Preparedness for Emergencies convened last Sunday and ratified, in an initiative by “Israeli” War Minister Benny Gantz, purchasing 12 Sikorsky CH-53K military helicopters and an additional reserve for the Iron Dome, in addition to the one billion-dollar stockpile ratified by the US months ago. Also, the committee made new contacts to purchase huge quantities of bombs and secret precision weapons for the ‘Israeli’ Air Force”.

The report explained that the total cost of these holdings amounted to five billion shekels pursuant to the official file that was categorized as “top secret” under the title of “Third District”.

The report highlighted the seriousness the entity gives to this issue, while senior military officials in the General Staff said: "‘Israel’ has learned the lesson, and even if the US succeeded in reaching a good agreement, it won't slow down in its preparation for a military attack."

"The ‘Israeli’ army is confused about how to pass the idea of attack to the public, especially with the magnitude of the expected damage. There are military officials who are considering the scenario of Hezbollah getting into the battle after the expected attack, but they don't really know the size and force of its attack," the report mentioned, adding that "This is why the army started buying more missiles for the Iron Dome."

The report concluded that, "In addition to the massive purchases of weapons, and for continuing the preparations for a confrontation with Iran, the ‘Israeli’ army has carried out a series of military training in recent months in order to be more ready for the upcoming battle”.