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’Israel’ Holds Drill Simulating “Dirty Bomb” Attack

’Israel’ Holds Drill Simulating “Dirty Bomb” Attack
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By Staff, Agencies 

Anticipating that the worst is coming, "Israeli" War Ministry started a large-scale exercise in Occupied Al-Quds on Tuesday which will simulate an attack with a radiological device. 

The drill will take place at the so-called Teddy Stadium and in the adjacent Pais Arena complex.

The War Ministry and "Israel's" Police will lead the exercise, with participants from the military, Fire and Rescue Services, Ambulance service, the Health Ministry, Environmental Protection Ministry and the municipality in Occupied Al-Quds.

The drill aims to simulate how the "Israeli" government and emergency services would respond to a non-conventional terror attack with a so-called "dirty bomb", which includes radioactive elements.

Meanwhile, the War Ministry said in a statement that the exercise was “planned in advance and is not linked to any specific scenario.”

Last October, "Israel's" security forces launched a five-day exercise, simulating a full-scale war with Hezbollah.

Some "Israeli" military officials consider the Lebanese faction to be the second most serious threat to apartheid entity's security, after Iran.