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Hezbollah, Amal Leaderships: “Lebanese Forces” Groups’ Direct Sniping Aimed at Premediated Killing

Hezbollah, Amal Leaderships: “Lebanese Forces” Groups’ Direct Sniping Aimed at Premediated Killing
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Translated by Staff

The leaderships of Lebanese Hezbollah and Amal Movement groups issued a statement about the Tayyouneh Ambush in which they stated the following:

As part of the peaceful and civilized expression of a clear political stance voiced by the leadership of both parties regarding the path of investigations in the Beirut Port crime, a call was made for a symbolic assembly today [Thursday] in front of the Palace of Justice in Beirut. The participants were subjected to an armed attack by groups of the Lebanese Forces Party that were positioned in adjacent neighborhoods and on rooftops, practicing direct sniping that aimed at premediated killing, which left this number of the martyrs and the wounded.

As Hezbollah and Amal Movement slam and condemn this criminal and intended act that targets civil stability and peace, they call on the Lebanese Army and the Security Forces for shouldering their responsibilities to restore the situation as it was before, arrest the perpetrators of the killing, who are known by names, and the inciters who ran this premediated operation from the black rooms, prosecute them, and impose the most severe penalties against them.

The two sides highly appreciate and express gratitude to our patient people and youths, the loyal and honorable ones, who responded to this call to participate [in the rally] and practiced the highest levels of control and commitment through their peaceful expression of their stance, and who were, as always, a symbol of sacrifice and faithfulness.

We extend the heartly condolences to the families on the martyrdom of this group of faithful individuals who have been raised to Allah the almighty as oppressed martyrs, and we pledge to pursue their case until justice is served. We also pray for the speedy recovery of the wounded.