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‘Israeli’ Occupation Arrests Four of the Operation “Tunnel of Freedom” Heroes

‘Israeli’ Occupation Arrests Four of the Operation “Tunnel of Freedom” Heroes
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By Staff

Several days after the Zionist occupation’s around the clock mobilization of all its security and military tools, led the ‘Israeli’ occupation soldiers to arrest two liberated Palestinian detainees from the six heroes of operation “Tunnel of Freedom.”

The two heroes are Yaqub al-Qaderi and Mahmoud al-Ardha, who were arrested near occupied al-Nassera on Friday evening.

Although they were detained again, nothing could harm the impact of the historic achievement they scored in their break from the ‘Israeli’ entity’s most fortified detention center of Gilboa. Their Monday operation broke the prestige of the Zionist army.

Additionally, on Saturday at dawn, Zionist media also reported that the occupation forces detained two more liberated detainees, Zakariya al-Zubaidi and Mohammad Ardha near the Tur Mount [of olives] northern occupied Palestine.

Meanwhile, Palestinians took to the streets in a show of solidarity with the six detainees. Marches also were held inside the Duheisha Camp in Bethlehem, as well as other protests in Ramallah. Other Palestinian youngsters ignited a fire near an ‘Israeli’ checkpoint in Hawwarah, southern Nablus.